Mega Quarry Poster Show – March 26th to April 5th

Mega Quarry Poster Show!

Mega Quarry Poster Show

Currently on exhibition at the Learning Zone are a collection of activists’ posters speaking against the Mega Quarry, designed by the first year graphic design students of Linda Montgomery’s Drawing and Translation class.

For this assignment, the students take on social and environmental accountability as young designers, driving change through their poster designs for the Mega Quarry Campaign.

The Opening Reception, held on Wednesday March 28th, 6 – 9 pm. was well attended with guest speakers Donna Tranquada, formerly of CBC Radio and Dr. Faisal Moola, Director General of the David Suzuki Foundation, Ontario and Canada’s North.

Awards for the best three Mega Quarry posters were presented to Joanna Lu, Anton Mwewa and Man Yan Ashley Yip. Honorable mentions were presented to Elvis Shao, Zhi Gao, Paul Bernier and Lauren Livingston. Congratulations to all students.

Braden Loi

Braden Loi

Come to the Learning Zone today, to see this engaging exhibition before it ends on April 5th and to learn more about the Mega Quarry.

“Every generation has a purpose. The generation faces social and environmental impacts on an unprecedented scale. As these problems become ever more complex, there is a need for more cooperation, collaboration and a pressing need for more socially and environmental driven graphics”¬†adapted from Institute without Boundaries

Mega Quarry Poster artist list.


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04 2012

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  1. 1

    Thank you, thank you Heather and Marta!
    for all your support with the show and for posting the photos!


  2. 2

    Amazing art, amazing students! I really enjoyed meeting them and for being part of the evening. Sandra Mason

  3. 3

    SO cool guys! Any way you can add credit info for who the students are that created this work? Would love to know their names, year and programs.

  4. Christine Patton #

    I am interested in purchasing one of the posters that was on display this past weekend at the Green Living Show. How would I go about contacting the artist?

  5. Marta Chudolinska #

    You can contact professor Linda Montgomery at Thanks for your interest!

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