XPACE Cultural Centre at the Learning Zone

XPACE External Space @ The Learning Zone

The Learning Zone is currently hosting External Space, an off-site exhibition organized by XPACE Cultural Centre. External Space provides a video monitor showcasing students’ and emerging artists’ media-based artworks. New artwork will be screened monthly at the Learning Zone.

XPACE Cultural Centre is a non-profit artist-run centre supported by its membership and the OCADU Student Union. XPACE programming focuses on contemporary practice and reflects the work created by its membership.

Currently on exhibition, a video by Vikki Dziuma called Celebration of Existence (As It Currently Exists). Dziuma’s video celebrates time, motion and space using a still frame image of three beige balloons in motion fastened to a metal signpost.

To learn more about XPACE Cultural Centre, to become involved, or to showcase your artwork, visit their website.




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