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Huffing and Puffing

Huffing and Puffing by Toronto based artist, David Tallis,  is the first video installment of the new series of documentary videos.

The artists included in this new series make use of minimal edits and narratives to replicate trivial or absurd tasks by means of repetition and humour.

Tallis, documents himself inflating ballons until the inevitable bursting, then repeats the process, cycling through each of the additive colour primaries; red, green, blue. The cycle repeats in an endless loop.

“A playful frustration emerges in the work where the viewer is unable to know when the inevitable pop will happen.”   Jennifer Simaitis

Currently on exhibition at External Space located in the Learning Zone until November 30th.

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Heather Evelyn

Learning Zone Technician at OCAD University Library.

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11 2012

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