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Learning Zone: Winter Semester Hours

Congratulations everybody! It’s the end of the fall semester and time for a well deserved break. The Learning Zone will be closed for the winter break after Saturday December 15, 2012 and re-open January 7, 2013.

Winter Semester Hours: 7 January – 19 April 2013

Monday to Thursday: 9 am – 9 pm

Friday: 9 am – 6 pm

Saturday & Sunday: 12 pm – 5 pm


12 2012

The Uncertainty/Copenhagen Interpretation Poster Exhibition

Currently on view until December 15th, at the Learning Zone, The Uncertainty/ Copenhagen Interpretation Poster Exhibition featuring poster designs by the students of Robert Appleton’s Graphic Design 1 class.

Here is an insightful overview of the exhibit by Sab Meynert:

The study and interpretation of the physical world has been looked at through classical mindsets for centuries, using methods of measuring quantities of the micro, to qualify and map out our macro world. With Quantum physics, these old methods of measurement have become more obsolete as we learn the conceptual and intangible angles of our multiverse. In quantum physics there is the Uncertainty principle, which suggests that the more a particle is observed, the harder it becomes for it to be measured in terms of speed and movement, because the implications of that observation condition the movement itself. This means that every measurement exacted upon every particle thus far has conditioned it differently from its true unobserved self, and that therefore these measurements are uncertain to be true. Students were asked to create posters around this supposition.


12 2012

XPACE: External Space: By nature or by arf (Dog Portraits)


A new video, By nature or by arf (Dog Portraits), by Montreal-based artist Rickie Lea Owens is currently screening at the Learning Zone until January 2013.

Owens uses video diptych, consisting of dog portraits juxtaposed with images of herself imitating the dog’s expression. The video is humourous and engaging interaction that enables the viewer to re-evaluate the role of human dominion over animals.

Come! Sit! Stay! at the LZ to view this second video installment from the documentary series curated by OCAD U Graduate Student, Art Criticism and Curatorial Practice, Jennifer Simaitis.



12 2012

grOCAD Window Farm in the LZ


With the end of semester stress and the cold weather upon us,  I decided to post a little reminder of summer. Flowers and vegetables from the grOCAD Window Farm which blossomed nicely over the summer, much to our delight.

Visit grOCAD on Facebook or email,, to learn more about their next new exciting project, a fish + hydroponic garden to be installed at Onsite[at] Gallery, 230 Richmond Street.



12 2012

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