5th Annual OCAD U Zine Fair

It’s that time of the year again, the 5th Annual OCAD U Zine Fair which takes place next Wednesday March 6th between 11 – 5 pm at 100 McCaul Street, in the main lobby.

After taking in the zine fair,  zinesters and zine fans are welcome to visit the OCAD Zine Library located in the Learning Zone. The OCAD Zine Library is continually adding new titles and subjects to the collection.

To learn more about the OCAD Zine Library and activities, you can visit OCAD Zine Library and zinesforlunch.blogspot.

Zines are a very important form of publishing media giving a voice to individual creators and alternative viewpoints. Come out to the Zine fair and visit the OCAD Zine Library to be inspired or just to sit back and enjoy reading a zine.


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Learning Zone Technician at OCAD University Library.

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03 2013

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