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GET BACK into the ZONE May 13th!

Finally, it’s the end of the winter term, with final exams, essays and critiques over – time to take a breath.

Congratulations to all graduating students and a very warm salute to the graduating LZ student monitors—Liisa, Dennis, Sab and Lillian, all of which will be exhibiting at the 98th Annual Graduate Exhibition.

Check back with us soon, for the Learning Zone’s spring/summer hours.



04 2013

Student Profile: Dennis Bartel – Graphic Design

Learning Zone: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?And the art you create?

Dennis Bartel: I’m in 4th year Graphic Design. I enjoy designing interactive forms like websites and PDF.

What influenced your decision to major in Graphic Design?

When I was working, designing was a way of relieving stress. Plus, I scored high in an aptitude test.

What inspires you?

Sports. Being a designer is like being an athlete; practicing and designing are the same because you are repeating a process over and over as it becomes more developed.

What is your creative process?

It depends on what I am designing. When designing typeface, I would research, do sketches and look at other work.

What is the best art tip you ever received?

Work in layers, start light and build up on it.

What two graphic design tools could you not live without?

Computer and pencil.

You have embraced social media as a material in your work. Why?

Because that’s the way people connect, to be part of things happening, I need to be connected.

Is there another medium you would like to work in?

Screenprinting, it’s a hands-on process.



How would you describe yourself as a graphic designer?

Conservative, but daring.

How do you promote yourself?

I promote myself using social media like LinkedIn, Facebook.

What do you enjoy most about studying graphic design?

Learning from failures.

What should potential graphic design students look for in an art school or art institute?

A place that has a good reputation in producing quality student work.

You opted for the graphic design thesis for your final year at OCAD, what was your project? Do you think that was the right path for your goals?

My thesis was on text message language and the creation of meaning. It was theory based, more about self-directed education than making a project. Not knowing the outcome and working through the process. I wish I had more time to produce more things.

What are your plans when you graduate?

Freelance, start a studio with other freelancers, and sleep.

What is your dream job?

Working identity design for a bowling centre.

What do you do to relax?

I go to movies and enjoy listening to the CBC comedy sketch show, The Irrelevant Show.

What is your greatest achievement to date?

Getting my degree.

Is there anything else you want to share with us, any final thoughts?

No matter what the teaching style is, don’t let that stop you from learning.


04 2013

I Have a Novel Idea: 3rd year INTM – Library Installations

The Dorothy H. Hoover Library is hosting I Have a Novel Idea, BOOK IT TO THE SHOW! INTM – Library Installations¬† created by students Alex Avanesi, Jae Min Bae, Elisa Ochmanck and Eun Mi Ahn from Paulette Philips’ 3rd year INTM Media Studio – Practice and Critiques class.

This exhibition features site specific anologue installations and a virtual interactive piece which explore the application of technology on communication.


04 2013

Material Art & Design (MAAD): Ritual and Repetition

Faculty of Design instructor, Lynne Heller, brings another stellar year of student artwork from her MAAD Fibre: Concept Development class to the Learning Zone.

Currently exhibiting are fibre based projects employing one hundred elements inspired by the idea of ritual and repetition. The concept of ritual and repetition is examined as an exploration of process, material and technique.

Using various textiles, materials, techniques and activities such as collecting, stitching, drawing, crocheting, sewing, collage and weaving, the students created unique handmade pieces of artwork.

Visit the Learning Zone today, and appreciate the intricate handmade quality of these pieces.


04 2013

grOCAD Workshop a Success!

If you missed grOCAD’s Hanging Garden Workshop on Saturday, you missed a great time! Pop bottles were drilled, twine was strung, fingernails were dirtied, and herbs were planted. grOCAD provided supplies and expertise so we all went home not just with a hanging garden but, more importantly, the knowledge of how to care for it and how to make more of them!

grOCAD is a group of students, faculty, and staff who are interested in food accessibility, urban agriculture, and integrating plant life into the everyday. Wanna join in the fun? Check out grOCAD’s Facebook group or send grOCAD an email!


04 2013

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