XPACE: External Space: Twitch by Aryen Hoekstra

Aryen Hoestra’s three second video loop called Twitch is currently on exhibition at the XPACE: External Space gallery hosted by the Learning Zone.

Hoestra edited previously shot video footage at the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, creating a three second loop, tightly framing a close-up image of a donkey’s twitching ear.

it’s endless repetitions, allow for a potentially mesmerizing engagement narrowing the viewer’s focus to one simple movement – the twitch of the donkey’s ear…

Amber Landgraff

XPACE Cultural Centre is a non-profit artist-run centre supported by its membership and the OCADU Student Union. XPACE programming focuses on contemporary practice and reflects the work created by its membership.

Twitch is on thru October 21 at the LZ or available online at XPACE.


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09 2013

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