Dorothy H. Hoover Library FOOD 4 FINES is back!

The Dorothy H. Hoover Library and Learning Zone is pleased to announce the return of FOOD 4 FINES. Between October 7 and 19, donate non-perishable food items to the library – not only do you reduce your fines but you are also supporting the Student Union’s Starving Artist Pantry.

Each non-perishable food item donated at the Library will remove $2 from your overdue fines, up to $20 off!

The Starving Artist Pantry food bank is available free to students in immediate need, stocked by donations.

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Learning Zone Technician at OCAD University Library.

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10 2013

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    A very interesting way of combining art with hunger to learn, I find that we should learn with these all this,its giant.

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