Call for Submissions: all OCADU students in the Faculty of Art and Design

Seeking works for an upcoming exhibit that display far out subject matter: Unconventional, alternate realities. Quirky or peculiar representations of people, memories or places. Images or objects that may cause disbelief.

All Cats go to HeavenOpen to all media, including drawing, painting, prints, collage, textiles, photography, video, performance, sculpture and installation. This can be an existing work or a work you plan to create (but it must be completed and ready for installation by April).

The exhibit will take place in the Dorothy H. Hoover Library for the summer (April-August)

Deadline for submission: March 29, 2014

Send an image, brief description and dimensions of the work (or work in progress) to:

Emily Harrison, Student Liaison, OCADU Library

Subject line: Library Exhibit

*Painting by Tara Dorey. “All Cats go to Heaven.”

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