We’re closing until summer!

At the end of the term (April 17) the Learning Zone will be closing down until the summer semester starts on May 12.


If you have yet to pick up artwork you displayed in the Learning Zone, please stop by to pick it up before the end of term. If you do not come get your work or contact us by April 17 it will be thrown away. We do not want to throw out your work, but we have no room to store it. If you are unable to get your work this week but suspect that we have something you want to get back, please contact the Learning Zone Librarian at mchudolinska@ocadu.ca.

If you have a lost a USB key, left a drawing on the scanner or forgot some supplies in the Learning Zone, please check our Lost & Found before the end of the week. We’ll be doing some spring cleaning before the summer semester, so please get your precious things ┬ábefore the break.

Have a nice spring (if it comes back) and see you in the summer!

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04 2014

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