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Thursday in the Learning Zone, instructor Shannon Gerard kicked off THIS MUCH Professional, explaining how the event — aimed at teaching students to take their professional practice seriously — was launched and organized by her students in the Publications Program.


The opening keynote was delivered by Kyle Topping and Chrissy Poitras of Spark Box Studio (an artists residency in Prince Edward County) who explained how they set up their studio affordably and inclusively. Coming into their fifth year, they looked back on what they learned through the process of setting up and now owning their studio, including the importance of creating new partnerships, becoming comfortable with networking and how to create a business plan. Creating new partnerships, in particular, helped them in the beginning to gain knowledge and expertise from people who had more experience in the arts, and who could help to promote their business plan.

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They also gave tips on how to set up a website and social media profiles, what online galleries and shops work best, how to price your work online, and how to get people to write about your work.


It’s not too late to check out the THIS MUCH Professional conference. You can stop in to the Learning Zone to register in person to participate in this afternoon’s and tomorrow’s events.

At 1:30pm today there will be a talk about demystifying the writing process, talking about how to write grants, exhibition proposals and calls for submissions. At 2:30 there will be two drop in workshops, one is an extension of the writing critique with OCAD’s Writing and Learning Centre and the other will explore digital self publishing opportunities. Both days will feature a market hall where tablers such as Broken Pencil magazine and Oasis Skateboard Factory will be on hand to talk about their initiatives.

Tomorrow’s events include  a keynote address from Sheila Sampath, the founder of the socially conscious design studio The Public; a look at how small presses approach the editorial process through a comparison of OCAD U’s Student Press and Coach House Books and a series of workshops offering hands-on introductions to screenprinting, risograph, bookbinding, collage and zine making.


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