xpace: External Space: Personal Inventory by Cotey Pope


Personal Inventory by multidisciplinary artist Cotey Pope, is the latest exhibition to be screened at xpace: External Space located in the Learning Zone until July 2nd.

Pope’s Personal Inventory is a collection archival family footage, layered with personal audio recordings recounting telephone conversations, doctor’s appointments and the recalling of childhood memories.

Your sense of self is defined by the collection of memories. The work explores the process of archiving the remembrance and questioning fidelity and authenticity of how we remember the things that define us.

Personal Inventory

The media recordings referenced in the piece serve as notes that we reference against, like a mental archive of our existence.

Through the collection of archived memories, Personal Inventory explores nostalgia’s inner workings, and the way memories fade and change despite our best efforts to hold onto the past”

—Alicia Nauta

On until July 2nd

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