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Holiday break at the Learning Zone!

Library Services Learning Zone from St. Patricks Street

The Learning Zone will be on Holiday Break beginning Monday December 15, reopening January 5, 2015 with our regular hours of operation:

Winter Semester

January 5 – April 20, 2015

Monday to Thursday 9am to 9pm

Friday, 9am to 6pm

Saturday & Sunday, 12 -5pm


Monday February 16 (Family Day)

Friday April 3 (Good Friday)

We are already excited about 2015!  The Learning Zone will introduce several new initiatives, host creative workshops and exhibits, nurture grOCAD’s organic installations, and introduce a new OCAD U document printing system, Follow-You Print.

Have you got an idea for an exhibition? We’d love to hear it, contact Marta Chudolinska, Learning Zone Librarian at <>

Enjoy your well-deserved break, and we will see you in the new year!



12 2014

Organize, Eat Well, Relax & Plan

Writing & Learning Centre pamphlets; 113 McCaul, Rm., 1501

How prepared are you for final exams and critiques?

It’s been a very busy last several weeks, and now final exams and critiques have arrived.

OCAD U offers many valuable resources to assist with useful tools for time management, research skills, study action plan, and help dealing with year end stress.

Services available on campus are e.g. the Dorothy H. Hoover Library, a excellent place to study with direct access to the reference Librarian, Library Services Learning Zone is a very conducive space for study groups, access to computer stations/scanners or take a break and enjoy yourself by browsing the Design Annuals, OCAD Zine Library or the Visionaire Collection before getting back to your studies. Other important services at the university are The Writing & Learning Centre, Health and Wellness Centre and Academic Advising. Services available off campus are, Ask Chat with a Librarian—online research help from anywhere also, links to online resources.

Ask Chat with a Librarian

OCAD U’s Writing & Learning Centre provides support in writing, critical thinking and reading, studio and study skills. Here are a few PDF’s to guide you in your study habits:


lost note

More study tips:

  • Avoid cramming for your exams, studying in intervals helps with long-term retention
  • Exercise, not only does help to reduce the effects of stress – it improves your memory
  • Watch what you eat. a well-balanced diet that include fruit and vegetables adds fuel to your studying
  • Time management, create a balance study time and schedule, make a list
  • Get a full-nights rest, it helps with your memory—easier to recall the material later



Good 2 Talk, Post-Secondary Student Helpline

 Post-secondary student hotline, a safe place to connect

Enjoy this video clip because laughter reduces stress


12 2014

Follow You Print Launch Date December 15th

Follow You Print; Copy & Print Services Launch date December 15th

December 15th is the launch date of a exciting new service called—Follow-You Print!

Introduced by Copy & Print Services it allows you to decide if you want to print or cancel one or all of your print jobs. Location based release stations are set up across campus, you can print from any computer on campus or using your laptop from the convenience of home. All it simply involves is to swipe your OCAD U Photo ID card at a release station, select from queue then print or cancel the print jobs!

It’s a brand new and easy way to print—that will put the decision to print or not into your hands.

Log-in to IT Knowledgebase: Printing and follow the step-by-step instructions on how you can print or cancel your print jobs.



12 2014

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