Follow You Print Launch Date December 15th

Follow You Print; Copy & Print Services Launch date December 15th

December 15th is the launch date of a exciting new service called—Follow-You Print!

Introduced by Copy & Print Services it allows you to decide if you want to print or cancel one or all of your print jobs. Location based release stations are set up across campus, you can print from any computer on campus or using your laptop from the convenience of home. All it simply involves is to swipe your OCAD U Photo ID card at a release station, select from queue then print or cancel the print jobs!

It’s a brand new and easy way to print—that will put the decision to print or not into your hands.

Log-in to IT Knowledgebase: Printing and follow the step-by-step instructions on how you can print or cancel your print jobs.


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12 2014

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