Call for Submissions: Black Future Month 3015

Black Future Month; Call for submissions January 31, 2015; 3rd Annual Afrofuturism Exhibition 3015

In celebration of Black History Month, OCAD U will be installing an exhibition called Black Future Month the 3rd Annual AfroFuturism Exhibition 3015.

Sponsored by OCAD University Office of Diversity, Equity & Sustainability Initiatives, and curated by Toronto based artist and OCAD graduate Danilo McCallum, also the founder of Black Future Month. This group exhibition envisions the future of Black people.

A call for submissions for works in all mediums—paintings, photography, digital/graphic arts, architecture, poetry, audio or video works – it’s open! Hurry, space is limited and the submission deadline of January 31st is fast approaching.

Black Future Month, call for submissions, January 31, 2015;3rd Annual Afrofuturism Exhibition 3015

The Black Future Month 3015 Exhibition is a platform for artists who identify as black to explore the infinite expressions of Afrofuturism and other expansive themes like black identity and existence in the future

Submission deadline: January 31st, email your submission to:


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