xpace: External Space: Data Library by Colin Rosati

XPACE Cultural Centre: External Space Gallery current exhibition is Colin Rosati’s video Data Library.

Data Library by Colin Rosati, xpace:External Space May 12 - June 22

Rosati is a multimedia artist presently studying at OCAD University’s Integrated Media Program.

His video is an exploration of themes of representation and authenticity, by generating a virtual environment that emphasizes repetition and imperfection. The rendering is highly quantized and references low-res, early 3-D digital renderings, complete with robotic stilted camera movements. The soundtrack nicely compliments the visuals with the combination of analogue techniques that are digitally disjoined with glitches, jump cuts and backwards playback.

Data Library weaves multiple subjects together as it explores and describes the virtual environment, questioning the process of human perception.

On until June 22nd hosted in Library Services Learning Zone, and online at XPACE Cultural Centre.



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