Get excited about September!

GROCAD Windowfarm in the Learning Zone

It’s a wrap! Summer semester is over and we at Library Services Learning Zone are looking ahead to welcoming back students and faculty when we open for the Fall/Winter Semester.

The Learning Zone recently celebrated its 5th Anniversary with the launch of the ReUse Depot, networking across campus to promote the Re-using, Re-claiming, Re-purposing, and Re-cycling art & design materials.

At the Learning Zone, the promotion of exchange and sustainability is embraced through the support for Plate Station, OCAD Seed Library, and GrOCAD.

In addition, the Learning Zone contains a growing OCAD Zine Library collection, eclectic multi-platform magazine Visionaire, Design Annuals, XPACE Cultural Centre: External Space and Career Services Resume/CV Drop-in Clinics.

Visit us to study, collaborate, or fuel your imagination.

Stay tuned for our September hours!

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Learning Zone Technician at OCAD University Library.

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08 2015

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