Self-Serve at the ReUse Depot

Self-Serve ReUse Depot located in Learning Zone

The Learning Zone introduced another way to access the ReUse Depot—Self-Serve!

On September 30th an extension of the ReUse service was launched, keeping Re-using, Re-claiming, Re-purposing and Re-cycling art & design materials in it’s name, but now allowing you to help yourself.

The Self-serve ReUse Depot offers an ever-changing assortment of art materials—watercolours, pastels, inks, textiles, based on availability. We also maintain a large collection of papers, matt boards and spray paints in our office, please ask staff for assistance.

Self-Serve ReUse Depot in Library Services: Learning Zone

The ReUse Depot is supported by generous donations from members of the OCAD University community, like you. So, whenever you have left-over art and design supplies, give it another chance of life—donate it to the Learning Zone’s ReUse Depot.

Donate to the ReUse Depot and share in a sustainable future!

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