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Feminist Fomo Nomo Art Exhibition: Performative Period Manifesto Workshop with Holly Timpener December 1, 12 – 2pm

Image of card flyer promoting Performative Period Manifesto Workshop with Holly Timpener December 1st, 12 - 2pm at OCAD U Learning Zone. Share your period stories and create a manifesto for a new shameless future for menstruation.

Join us Tuesday December 1, 12 – 2 pm for the Perfomative Period Manifesto Workshop with Holly Timpener. Followed with a live performance of the manifesto in the halls of OCAD U.

Performative Period Manifesto Workshop is part of the ongoing Feminist FOMO NOMO: What Does Feminism Mean To You? Exhibition.

Holly Timpener investigates and instigates issues relating to gender, feminity, sex and sexuality and identity with her performances. Come and share your period stories to create a manifesto for a new shameless future of menstruation.

Highlights from the opening reception held November 10. Photographs and videos courtesy of Nazanin Khani.



Feminist FOMO NOMO: What Does Feminism Mean To You? Exhibition offers a range of multi-disciplinary artwork—videos, printmaking, installations, digital prints that address inclusiveness and multiple expressions of what Feminism means to each of the participating artists.

On until December 6

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11 2015

The Materials Trading Post Event: Wednesday November 18, 1- 4 pm!

The Indigenous Visual Culture Program and the Library’s Learning Zone collaborates once more to bring you The Materials Trading Post!

The Materials Trading Post Is Back. Wednesday November 18, 1- 4 pm. INVC and Learning Zone joint event. Donations

It’s a swap and trade event in which you can share your knowledge, ideas and materials. This event invites us to embrace the idea of sharing over waste.

Donate or exchange any unused or lightly used art and design materials from paints, pastels to protractors and inks. We will be accepting a broad range of art supplies.

Sorry, we will not accept books, clothing or any other unrelated items.

Unable to attend the day of the event but you want to contribute? Donations can be brought to:

The Indigenous Visual Culture Office, Room 410, 4th floor at 113 McCaul Street or The Learning Zone, Room 110, 1st floor, 113 McCaul during regular hours.

Join us in the Learning Zone Wednesday November 18 between 1 – 4 pm for refreshments, to share ideas, inspiration and the exchange of materials.

All are welcome!



11 2015

Collaborative Map Project Exhibition

Collaborative Map Project GDES-1013-006. Collaborative experiment part of course Solid and Void: Drawing Form and Space

Students from Olia Mishchenko’s Environmental Design course called Solid and Void: Drawing Form and Space, collectively created a large scaled map of an imaginary city.

Visit the Learning Zone and take in this collaborative experiment — it’s views offers an explorative perspective in their rendering of this imaginary city.

Collaborative Map Project GDES-1013-006. Olia Mishchenko's Solid & Void Drawing Form and Space

Participants: Maria Vasquez, Jennifer Tian, Kimeeko Tamargo, Anna Skolzylas, Lily Ni, Jan Raddle, Jason Oh, Lan Piao, Maz Mei, Olia Mishchenko, Nathan Ma, Alexandria Lynch, Lean-Hwa Krystal Lum, Yaya Kim, Casey Ho, Zahrasadat Hashemi, Alyssa Haggstrom, Jyan Escuban, Derek Cariglia, Haochen Cai, Calvin Cabral, Liezl Arevalo, Ahmed Alzahabi, Parisa Afsarimamaghani and Maryam Abbasi

On until November 8



11 2015

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