Collaborative Map Project Exhibition

Collaborative Map Project GDES-1013-006. Collaborative experiment part of course Solid and Void: Drawing Form and Space

Students from Olia Mishchenko’s Environmental Design course called Solid and Void: Drawing Form and Space, collectively created a large scaled map of an imaginary city.

Visit the Learning Zone and take in this collaborative experiment — it’s views offers an explorative perspective in their rendering of this imaginary city.

Collaborative Map Project GDES-1013-006. Olia Mishchenko's Solid & Void Drawing Form and Space

Participants: Maria Vasquez, Jennifer Tian, Kimeeko Tamargo, Anna Skolzylas, Lily Ni, Jan Raddle, Jason Oh, Lan Piao, Maz Mei, Olia Mishchenko, Nathan Ma, Alexandria Lynch, Lean-Hwa Krystal Lum, Yaya Kim, Casey Ho, Zahrasadat Hashemi, Alyssa Haggstrom, Jyan Escuban, Derek Cariglia, Haochen Cai, Calvin Cabral, Liezl Arevalo, Ahmed Alzahabi, Parisa Afsarimamaghani and Maryam Abbasi

On until November 8


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