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Responding to a Historical Aesthetic

From Dec. 16th-Jan.31st, a new exhibition, Responding to a Historical Aesthetic, will be on display at the Learning Zone.

From left to right: Rachel Lee, Erika Lee, Apoorva Varma, Rebecca Markus, Connor Gillet, Domenic Sgambelluri

From left to right: Rachel Lee, Erika Lee, Apoorva Varma, Rebecca Markus, Connor Gillet, Domenic Sgambelluri


The students of Lynne Heller’s third year Material Art & Design course Fibre History Since 1800 have created textile art pieces that use distinctive characteristics from different periods in art history. By learning about the work made by others, the students used their research to inform their own techniques and create something new and contemporary in the process.


Meaghan Lacroix - Deco inspiration

Meaghan Lacroix – Deco inspiration


Techniques such as embroidery, crocheting, sewing, and quilting are used to create a diverse range of fashion aesthetics. Together, these production methods demonstrate the evolution of the use of fibre from natural animal and plant based fibres to the introduction of artificial and synthetic materials in the 20th century. It’s interesting to examine the materials used and their functions throughout different socio-cultural movements. Within a fashion framework it’s fun to see how dress, as a form of self-expression, progresses throughout history and how in many ways we have to look back in order to move forward.


Miranda Victoria - Gothic revival in the style of embroidery - Embroidery piece copy

Miranda Victoria

Hillary Dubé

Hillary Dubé








Domenic Sgambelluri

Here’s an excerpt from Domenic Sgambelluri’s write-up: “My piece is a unisex blouse that draws its motif from the art deco period. It features a band of trapunto quilting at the bottom of the piece which resembles an architectural frieze that might be found on a skyscraper built during the 1920s. […]For me, the piece contributes to a trend of designing degendered clothing that are not solely designed for functionality, but create a new aesthetic and silhouette that is appealing to both genders.”

Alyssa Manalo - Welcome to the 70's

Alyssa Manalo – Welcome to the 70’s

These pieces have a life of their own and reflect the spirit of an era. Stop by the Learning Zone today to check them out!


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