Zine Collective exhibit on until August 18

This year the OCADU Zine Collective worked on a variety of print projects about self-care for artists, including a collaborative zine and a poster series promoting taking time away from work to de-stress.

This summer the Collective also put together an exhibit of zines and Risograph posters to promote the work of its members.

IMG_6218Featuring work by Jenn Woodall (pictured above), Kai Lumbang, Jon Vanneste, Clara Lynas, Tetyana Herych and Bree Rappaport (pictured below), the exhibit is installed to allow the audience to interact with the work and read the zines right on the wall.


July is International Zine Month, so the summer exhibit not only celebrates the work of OCADU students but also the zine community in general by featuring work from American artists Ty Stilwell & Sara Olivier. The zine collective exhibit will be on display until the end of the summer semester.

The Learning Zone accepts exhibition submissions from students, faculty and staff on an ongoing basis. Click here to find information on how to apply to exhibit your work or to curate a show in the Learning Zone.

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