Staff zine picks, week 3

The staff zine picks never end!

Here’s what we chose for our third week of celebrating zines and the anniversary of the OCAD Zine Library.




An untitled zine by Amrit Brar (call no. PER34XS)

“I found this mini-comic zine very relatable because it directly deals with the lack of diversity and representation on television. Amrit Brar adored these two television characters, Ashley Spinelli and Wednesday Addams, while growing up, and the zine also includes an illustration of themselves dressed with similar attire of both of these two television characters.” – Heather







Pizza Doing Stuff Vol 2. by Christine Hale (call no. A160S).

“I mean, it’s a zine full of cute anthropomorphic pieces of pizza doing stuff like sleeping in a park and watching a 3D movie. I think my choice is self explanatory.” – Lindsay








The Ukulele Song Book by C. Thary (call no. I24S).

“This zine opens to a two sided pocket – one with a sheet that teaches you all the relevant chords, one with a small booklet of easy songs to start with. It’s beautifully designed and the perfect little package for aspiring uke players.” – Marta







Idris-San Look my Way: A fanzine by unknown author (call no. A159S)

“A fanzine dedicated to DCI John Luther, I mean Moreau…no, no, I mean Nelson Mandela or do I mean Heimdall? Well, if I have not said it any louder – I heart Idris Elba!” – Heather






A Queer and Trans Fat Activist Timeline by Charlotte Cooper (call no. P27M).

“This zine documents a timeline of Fat Activism (from 1967 -2010) that was created at a workshop led by the author in 2010, as well as the reasoning behind the workshop and the creation of the zine itself. As well as educating me personally on this topic and how far back activism around this issue goes, this zine exemplifies to me one of the best aspects of zines — the ability to record important community-based knowledge and to provide a valuable resource of information that is not available in mainstream literature.” – Marta







Switchblade Queens by Chris Eng (call no. S104M)

“Full disclosure: the author of this is my friend. But that’s also part of the joy of zines: sharing with your friends and meeting people through zine making. This is the story of seven badass girls who are fighting a corrupt city. Who doesn’t want to read that story?” – Lindsay


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