10th Annual OCAD Zine Fair

This year marked the 10th anniversary of the OCAD Zine Fair. What started as a one day event in 2008 morphed into a two-day affair that celebrates the work of OCADU students and alumni as well as members of the local zine community.┬áThis year’s event was a lot of fun, and featured a combination of familiar faces and new vendors.

If you missed a day, or need a reminder of who was there so you can pick up a zine you missed, here’s a list of tablers by day:



  • Vincy Lim
  • Cleo Peterson
  • Julia Pereira
  • Danielle-Leigh
  • Lauren Gamble
  • Rabeea Syed
  • Clara Lynas
  • Heidi Ku
  • Kai Lumbang
  • Becca Michie
  • Caerina Abrenica
  • Emily Kryz
  • Jercy Dee & Christina Castellano
  • Alyssa Pisciotto
  • OCADU Zine Collective
  • Toronto Zine Library
  • Ace Zine Archive
  • Jisu Lee
  • Sunday Night Bombers


  • Emily Fay Fin
  • Christopher Morro
  • Wandy Cheng
  • Tami Poliwoda
  • Natalie Mark
  • Rachel McCormick
  • Casey Helm
  • Lina Wu
  • Stefanie Chow
  • OCADU Zine Collective
  • OCADU Student Press
  • Kai Lumbang
  • Pauline Aksay
  • Bad Cat Collective
  • Laura Watson
  • Leanna Bleakney
  • Collective TBD
  • Hannah Zbitnew

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