OCAD U Zine Fair: 11th Anniversary


Last March 13 and 14, the OCAD U Zine Fair took place at the lobby of 100 McCaul Street. This year, the event had its 11th anniversary.

The Learning Zone -as part of the OCAD University Library- has been an active space for the promotion and growth of a unique publication known as zines. The OCAD Zine Library houses and provides access to over 2500 zines and the collection is developing every year. By organizing the Zine Fair, the OCAD offers another initiative to inspire students.

11 years have passed since the first edition of the Zine Fair but the goals have remained the same. It is definitely a great opportunity to not just celebrate the creation of zines, but also to recognize and acknowledge the multiple aesthetic versions of these alternative publications. Different subjects and concepts were presented in the zines exhibited, from comics, art, fashion and politics, to sex, sexuality, and queer zines, among others.

Surrounded by music and stimulating energy the public engaged with creators/vendors. They asked questions and chatted about some techniques and formats of zines. One of the highlights of the event during all these years has been the opportunity of “Make a button”. Of course, this time it was not an exception and art lovers, creators, and the public, in general, were enchanted with the process and steps of creating their own buttons. Last but not least, it has been a tradition to create a poster in order to promote and provide an identity to the event, and this year it was designed by fourth-year student Natalie Mark.



















Here, find the vendors and participants of the Zine Fair in its 11th edition:

Rebecca Suzanne Michie https://www.instagram.com/nausicaa.art/; Old Growth Press www.oldgrowthpress.ca; Rachel McCormick https://www.instagram.com/ayoitsrachelo/; Myshka instagram.com/mishsmam; Elise Conlin www.eliseconlin.com; The Blues https://akpaillustration.com/; Salisa Jat salisajat.format.com; Alyssa Pisciotto www.instagram.com/that_glitter_chick; Dalbert B. Vilarino www.dalbertbv.com; Project 40 Collective www.p40collective.ca; Clairandean www.instagram.com/clairandean; Gwendolyn McLuhan https://www.instagram.com/grendelline/; Kelly K www.okaykellyk.com; Kimberly Edgar www.kimberlyedgar.com; Isa  www.instagram.com/carefultarot; Zoë Martin a.k.a. Zome Loam www.kzoemartin.wix.com/zomeloam; The Sunday Night Bombers https://sundaynightbombers.com; Dairysam http://www.instagram.com/dairy.sam; Andre Freitas https://www.facebook.com/ozman.hq/; Cleopatria www.instagram.com/cleopatriia; Emily Fay Fin www.fayforest.com; Casey E Helm – VESTAIS www.instagram.com/vestais; Clara Lynas https://www.instagram.com/claralynas/; daikonbaby www.instagram.com/daikonbaby; Xiaoxiao Li. www.instagram.com/xiaoxli; Lina Wu https://www.instagram.com/linaw_u/; Madcrush.co  madcrush.co; Jercy Dee www.instagram.com/jercydee; Rabeea Syed https://www.instagram.com/rabeeasyed/; Maradecartoons www.instagram.com/maradecartoons; Kai Lumbang kailumbang.com; Emma Percy http://www.instagram.com/emmalucillepercy; creepazoidMonster https://www.instagram.com/creepazoidmonster/; Toadstool Illustrations https://linktr.ee/toadstoolillustrates; Nati Romero www.natiromero.com; Chuddi Collective https://www.instagram.com/bodoodley/https://www.instagram.com/monsterjuice/;   https://www.instagram.com/sylvianowak/

ocad-u-zine-fair-poster-small  Poster design by Natalie Mark






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