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OCAD University Student Groups

The Learning Zone staff spoke with a number of OCAD University student groups to find out what’s happening outside classes. This is this the first installment of these interviews.

Find out about Proud at OCAD U

Check out other student groups for the 2011-20112 academic year.


02 2012

Graphic Design 1 Poster Exhibit


The Learning Zone presented a collection of artwork and videos from Robert Appleton’s Graphic Design 1 class, on January 9th – 23rd 2012.

A series of graphic design posters were exhibited illustrating the student’s knowledge and skill on design aesthetics applied to content and message, and the impact on form and communication.

A concurrent video exhibit was included using sound, typography and image.



02 2012

Developing a Sense of Regional Colour


The Learning Zone exhibited work from Linda Montgomery’s Fall 2011 “Colour in Context” classes at OCAD University. The concept for this project was to explore the meaning of “regional colour” using colour, shape, collage and texture.

“Even though we many recognize regional cuisines or customs, we often fail to take into account the importance of the local colours that characterize a particular area…determining regional colours and designing cities and products using colour and image should be viewed as one of the professional colourist’s most important jobs.”  -Kobayshi


02 2012

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