Plate Station

Plate StationPlate Station, a re-usable dish exchange program, a greening initiative launched in 2012, jointly created by Greening the Grange group and the Learning Zone. This program is available at the Learning Zone, open to the OCAD U community — students, faculty and staff.

Leading environmental friendly change by shifting usage away from disposable containers and toward re-usable dishes, the program expands the options available to the community and vendors.

Have a better meal experience by using dishes instead of Styrofoam or plastic!

Here’s how it works:

  • To borrow cutlery & plates, leave a piece of ID with LZ staff member
  • After your meal, come back to the LZ to wash your plate with the environmental friendly dish soap & scupper located in both of our washrooms
  • Return your plate & cutlery to LZ staff member to retrieve your ID




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