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How Are You, OCAD U?

The Research results are in! Dr. Pam Patterson’s 2014 Art and Design Education Lab (ADEL) student led initiative, How Are You, OCAD U? have been gathered and are now being exhibited across campus and at Library Services Learning Zone.

In 2014, students, faculty, staff and alumni were invited by ADEL to contribute and share their thoughts anonymously or not, about their teaching and learning experience and community inclusiveness at OCAD University.

Data collected from How Are You, OCAD U installation from the Library services Learning Zone, online surveys and anonymous video interviews are exhibited in a series of text-based “tongue-in-cheek” posters, data visualization zines and the screening of the anonymous video interviews.

How Are You, OCAD U?

Visit the Learning Zone to read, watch, and learn from this research project presentation, which aims to move us towards building a stronger, more diverse art practice and community for students and faculty.




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