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Food 4 Fines

That time has come again to donate your fines away — it’s Food 4 Fines at OCADU!

logo Food4Fines at OCADU

From now until April 19th, bring in your non-perishable food items and watch your overdue fines disappear. We’re talking canned goods, pasta, quinoa, sauces! Rice, mac & cheese, tuna, beans! (All packaging in good condition and no expired foods, please.) Support your fellows through the SU’s Starving Artist Pantry and save money — $2 for every food item to be exact, and up to $20 total! (Don’t have any overdue fines? That’s great! Why not celebrate by donating anyway?)

The following locations will be participating in Food 4 Fines this term:

  • Dorothy H. Hoover Library, 113 McCaul, Room 1215
  • AV Help Desk, 100 McCaul, Room 341
  • Tool Loans, 100 McCaul, Room 131
  • Photo Equipment Cage, 100 McCaul, Room 417m

Donations will also be accepted in the Learning Zone, Studio Management (100 McCaul, Room 102), the First-Year Laptop Help Desk (113 McCaul, Room 1301), the Laptop Help Desk (100 McCaul, Room 663), and the South Campus Help Desk (205 Richmond).

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