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Black History Month at OCAD U: Books and Zines Display + Black Future Month 3015

Black History Month Canada, Library display 2015

What’s happening at OCAD U for Black History Month?

Books, zines on display at OCAD U’s Dorothy H. Hoover Library and OCAD Zine Library located in Library Services Learning Zone and the 3rd Annual Afrofuturism Exhibition – 3015.

OCAD U’s Library brings forth a collection of books for fascinating and thought provoking reads exploring the African and Carribean diaspora in Canada—discovering the past and present history of racism, civil rights movement in small Canadian towns, recovered CBC lectures including Martin Luther King Jr., and stories from personal experiences of being black in Canada. To learn more about these books and others in the Black History Month: A Canadian Perspective display, visit:

Black History Month, OCAD Zine Library display

OCAD Zine Library Black History Month display features a collection of zines including autobiographical comics, war and racism, Butch Dykes during the Jazz Age of Harlem, queer politics, the discourse of hair by Canadian women of colour—personal, reflective and engaging zines to discover and enjoy.

Black Future Month 3015

The 3rd Annual Afrofuturism Exhibition – 3015 curated by OCAD U alumnus Danilo McCallum. A multi-media art exhibition featuring works from OCAD U faculty and students as well as international and local artists who identify as black.

Opening reception will take place February 22nd, 6- 10 pm in the main lobby of 100 McCaul St. The celebration continues February 27th with Afrofuturism Discussion Panel & Performance, held in the Auditorium, Rm. 230,  5 – 6:30 pm., followed by a informal reception. Panel discussion ‘Women in Afrofuturism’ will be moderated by Camille Issacs featuring Camille Turner, Futuristic Artist and Author, Asia Clarke, Innovative Fashion & Jeweller, Saidah Baba Talibah, Avantgarde Music Artist and Nalo Hopskinson, Futuristic Author via Skype from California. Performance Art by Faduma Mohamed Ohm and Sharrae Lyon.

February 22 until March 6 in the Lobby and 2nd floor Transit Space at 100 McCaul St.



02 2015

Organize, Eat Well, Relax & Plan

Writing & Learning Centre pamphlets; 113 McCaul, Rm., 1501

How prepared are you for final exams and critiques?

It’s been a very busy last several weeks, and now final exams and critiques have arrived.

OCAD U offers many valuable resources to assist with useful tools for time management, research skills, study action plan, and help dealing with year end stress.

Services available on campus are e.g. the Dorothy H. Hoover Library, a excellent place to study with direct access to the reference Librarian, Library Services Learning Zone is a very conducive space for study groups, access to computer stations/scanners or take a break and enjoy yourself by browsing the Design Annuals, OCAD Zine Library or the Visionaire Collection before getting back to your studies. Other important services at the university are The Writing & Learning Centre, Health and Wellness Centre and Academic Advising. Services available off campus are, Ask Chat with a Librarian—online research help from anywhere also, links to online resources.

Ask Chat with a Librarian

OCAD U’s Writing & Learning Centre provides support in writing, critical thinking and reading, studio and study skills. Here are a few PDF’s to guide you in your study habits:


lost note

More study tips:

  • Avoid cramming for your exams, studying in intervals helps with long-term retention
  • Exercise, not only does help to reduce the effects of stress – it improves your memory
  • Watch what you eat. a well-balanced diet that include fruit and vegetables adds fuel to your studying
  • Time management, create a balance study time and schedule, make a list
  • Get a full-nights rest, it helps with your memory—easier to recall the material later



Good 2 Talk, Post-Secondary Student Helpline

 Post-secondary student hotline, a safe place to connect

Enjoy this video clip because laughter reduces stress


12 2014

Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon Saturday September 27th!

Editors Wanted : Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon @ OCAD U’s Dorothy H. Hoover Library Saturday September 27th, 2 – 5:45 pm.

Join OCAD University Library in their on-going commitment to expand the representation of women on Wikipedia. Help bridge the gap — let’s edit!

Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon Saturday Sept. 27; 2-5:45pm


09 2014

Summer Reading at the OCAD U Library

Summer Reading, OCAD U Library

Visit the OCAD U Library this summer and check-out their collection of popular fiction and graphic novels to add to your summer reading list.

Browse the Summer Reading display or the Fiction, Poetry and Graphic novel section — you may come away with the perfect title to read before the holidays end.

Here is a handy list of summer titles – enjoy!


08 2014

OCAD SEED LIBRARY Branch Launch Party – August 12th, 1-4 pm

Join the Learning Zone August 12th to celebrate the official launch of the OCAD Seed Library Branch.

The OCAD Seed Library has partnered with the Toronto Seed Library (TSL) to make available seeds to grow in your garden, on the balcony, windowsill or any place, for the creative or industrious gardener.

Drop in between 1 – 4 pm to learn what the seed library is about, how to use it and how your contributions will help to sustain a viable future in food security and seed diversity, or come by to browse our seed collection and information on how to harvest and save seeds.

Come and grow with us at the Learning Zone.

OCAD Seel Library Branch Launch; TSL Branch


08 2014

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