Danika Zandboer, 2014 (2014 OCAD U graduate)

Danika Zandboer, 2014
(2014 OCAD U graduate)

Congrats to Danika Zandboer (2014 OCAD U grad) for being listed by blogTO as one of the top 10 artists to watch out for in 2015!

Bio: Danika Zandboer is a Toronto-based artist and recent graduate from OCAD U’s photography program. Her work deals primarily with portraiture, the figure and, most recently, the topic of youth subculture. Through an interest in both anthropology and existentialism, her photographs aim to unravel the human subject and the contradictions rooted in concepts of identity. Her process often fluctuates between the uncertainty of analogue methods, the boundlessness of digital technologies, and the tension between the two.