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The Fence 2015

Xpace: Tax Workshop

On Saturday March 7th, Xpace is hosting another helpful (and FREE) workshop on managing your expenses,  organizing your records and files, and much more. Please RSVP to brette@xpace.info


For more information click here.

The Artist Project: UNTAPPED

Ursula Handleigh, Breathing Into Empty Spaces, 2014

Ursula Handleigh, Breathing Into Empty Spaces, 2014

Congratulations Alumni Ursula Handleigh & 4th year student Dainesha Nugent-Palache for being select to participate in The Artist Project: UNTAPPED.  

Better Living Centre
Exhibition Place, Toronto
Opening : Feb 19,  7-10pm
Fri, Feb 20,  11am-8pm
Sat, Feb 21, 11am-8pm
Sun, Feb 22, 11am-6pm

UNTAPPED Emerging Artists is a juried competition that awards new artists an opportunity to participate in a dedicated feature space at a professional-level art fair. This program aims to provide a platform for artists to launch their artwork to a public audience, make connections within the arts industry and gain experience in the contemporary art world.

Selected from hundreds of applications, 20 of the country’s best up-and-coming artists are invited to showcase their work for FREE!

Bio: Ursula Handleigh is a visual artist based in Toronto and a graduate of OCAD University’s BFA program. Working with experimental photography, film and historical processes of imaging making, her work explores questions of identity, perception, memory and familial relationships. Ursula has participate in the XPACE/SPARK Art Space Residency in Syracuse, New York, the M.C. McCain Post-Graduate Residency in Toronto, Ontario and the Spark Box Residency in Prince Edward County, Ontario. Her work has been exhibited across Canada, the United States and Europe.

Bio: Dainesha Nugent-Palache is a Canadian lens-based artist living and studying in Toronto, at OCAD University, who creates performative and conceptual video works and photographs. In the process of completing her BFA in photography, Dainesha is currently working on her thesis, in which she hopes to explore the dichotomies and paradoxes present in Jamaican culture. Most of Dainesha’s work is concerned with representations of society, self, and black diasporic identities, in relation to both the past and present; she also expresses an interest in the ever present cult of the consumer within a Post-Ford capitalist society, fixated on glamour and excess. All in all Dainesha hopes to continue to provide documentation and commentary on twenty-first-century realities.

Meryl McMaster at The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria +The Dunlop Art Gallery


Congratulations to Meryl McMaster (2010 OCAD U graduate)

on being included in two recent group exhibitions!

In Another Place, And Here
January 24, 2015 – May 31, 2015
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
1040 Moss St, Victoria, British Columbia

Material Girls
January 30, 2015 – April 5, 2015
Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina Public Library
12th Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan

This exhibition is also featured in Canadian Art’s “15 Shows We Want to See in 2015“!



Call for Motivational Speeches

Caitlynn Fairbarns

Caitlynn Fairbarns, 2014

4th year Thesis student Caitlynn Fairbarns has created a feminist blog that is getting a community talking!  Check out her work at www.fakegeekgirlslikeus.tumblr.com and participate in the conversation!

Excerpt from Caitlyn’s thesis paper:

With online harassment increasingly becoming a reality for feminist thought on the Internet, Fake Geek Girls Like Us creates a safe space for women to freely speak their minds. Many people interested in nerd/geek/fan culture feel isolated behind their computers and this website creates an online community for sharing ideas, videos, news, and art. Weekly themes of the week facilitate the discussion around issues of female representation in geek/nerd/fan culture where there is no wrong answer. Fake Geek Girls Like Us aims to connect feminists and like-minded thinkers online in the conversation of femme fan culture.

Follow: www.fakegeekgirlslikeus.tumblr.com

Submit: www.fakegeekgirlslikeus.tumblr.com/submit

Email: fakegeekgirlslikeus@gmail.com

Theme of the week from Wednesday February 11th until Tuesday February 17th at midnight: Motivational Speeches and Pep Talks. (When a female character unites a team for a common cause/fight)

Tech Talk: DIY Lighting

Many students, if not all, struggle with finances. Photography is not a cheap profession and more often than not a student can find themselves lacking the equipment they need to make great images. Check out this list of DIY lighting projects for some great ideas on making your own equipment with little to no budget required – including a personal favourite: Diffusing light with a trash bag.

The Strobist is a world renowned blog for off camera flash and other lighting tips and tricks. Be sure to check out the rest of the site and learn some great new things! Your wallet will be thanking you later, and the images you’ll get will be well worth it!

Off Balance – Ivan Capote, Yoan Capote, Omar Gámez


Omar Gámez, Omar (Self Portrait), 2007-2010, C-Print, 26 x 1/2 x 39 1/2 in

Julie M. Gallery is pleased to welcome guest artists Ivan Capote, Yoan Capote and Omar Gámez. The exhibition marks the first professional collaboration between curator Magda Gonzalez-Mora and newly appointed gallery manager, Rodrigo Barriuso.
Off Balance emanates from the curators’ observation of what often disrupt our emotional and psychological stability, and the intuitive impulse to develop coping mechanisms to front this adversity. Using the poetic and metaphoric interpretation of the Capote brothers and Gámez, this exhibition comprises a number of pieces that, together, delineate a unified psychological journey.
Where:  Julie M. Gallery 15 Mill Street, Toronto, Ontario M5A 3R6 When: February 5 – March 16, 2015

Call for Submission


We are thrilled to announce that OCAD U will again partner with TIMERAISER to support artists, nonprofits and collectors!  


 This is an amazing opportunity open to all emerging artists!  If you are a current student, you can submit to the special OCAD U student category (you will be prompted to indicate if your student status as you move through the general application process).  From the work submitted to the student category, a minimum of one artwork will be purchased by TIMERAISER.  (Last year 3 winners were selected:  Ting Fang,  Lauren Vaile, and Carlie Woodworth!)  


Open Call: Feb 20th, 2015
Student Call: Feb 25th, 2015
To submit, click here.


TIMERAISER buys the artwork from the selected artists.
The public “buys” the artwork with volunteer hours.
Nonprofits get volunteers.

Timeraiser is a volunteer matching fair, a silent art auction, and a night out on the town. The big Timeraiser twist is rather than bid money on artwork, participants bid volunteer hours.  Throughout the evening, participants meet with various non-profit organizations in the room to find available skilled volunteer opportunities that meet their needs. Once matches are made, the bidding can begin. Winning bidders have 12 months to complete their pledge in order to bring the artwork home as a reminder of their goodwill.

For more information contact:
Jenn Long: jlong@faculty.ocadu.ca OR Jennie Suddick: jsuddick@faculty.ocadu.ca

Ting Fang, Palette, from the series Ting, 2014, 24" x 24", Digital C. Print

Ting Fang, Palette, from the series Ting, 2014, 24″ x 24″, Digital C. Print

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