Have you ever wanted to try out macro photography but don’t have the resources to get your hands on one of those really pretty, really expensive lenses? There’s one simple little trick that will satisfy all of your macro needs and will cost you no money whatsoever.

It’s called the reverse lens technique and it works wonders! All that’s involved is your camera and a lens (around 50mm focal length works best).

Step 1) Take your lens off your camera body and switch to manual mode

Step 2) Flip your lens around so that the side that normally screws into the camera is facing outward

Step 3) Hold in place and move backwards or forwards to focus

That’s all there is to it! This results in really interesting shallow DOF (depth of field) images. You can even take video like this! For an in depth talk about the mechanics of the reverse lens technique, head over to Digital Photography School. They recommend using a special ring to attach your lens backwards, but you can simply hold it there instead.

If you’re especially interested in macro photography, The Photo Cage has some sweet lenses you can rent out.

Check out this flickr pool for some inspiration.

Happy Monday everyone!