Course Descriptions: 

Introductory Photography: Black & White with John Jones
This course offers an introduction to the technical and visual tools of photography, including camera functions, film exposure and black-and-white darkroom procedures. In class demonstration, lecture and critiques support hands-on practice.
Concept and Process with Esther Choi
Students are further introduced to the technical and visual tools of photography. Emphasis is on acquiring a creative vocabulary and greater awareness of photographic and photo-based practice. Presentations, lectures and hands-on experience assist in the development of conceptual skills and working methods.
Photo/Installation with Nicholas Pye
Students explore the potential for expanding the use and understanding of photography through installation. Through ongoing presentations and discussions students are provided with a contemporary and historical overview of site, installation, performance and guerrilla based photo practises. Students are required to complete several projects including a major final project.
Time & Stillness with Nicholas Pye
In this class, the emphasis will be on multi-disciplinary approaches to photography that use both time and stillness. By reflecting the current state of hybridity within DSLR lens–based practice, this course will engage the necessary theoretical and practical investigations needed to fully immerse oneself in this new field of discourse and practice for photographers. Weekly discussions, slide lectures and assignments will facilitate the development of skills within critical and theoretical contexts relevant to a contemporary hybrid approach to photography.