Nicholas & Sheila Pye, “The Coronation”, 2008

We have wonderful news to share about Assistant Professor Nicholas Pye and alumni Sheila Pye!

The Phillips Collection in Washington, DC (America’s first museum of modern art) has acquired Nicholas Pye  & Sheila Pye’s 3-channel video work, “The Coronation”.  The work will be presented  at the “Intersections” exhibition, opening on May 28th, curated by Vesela Sretenovic, The Phillips Collection, Senior Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Artist Statement: “The Coronation” is an installation project incorporating a blend of experimental and narrative techniques to shape a cinematic perspective that employs visual language commonly used in painting. The installation is composed of three parts, with all three cinematic ‘panels’ playing simultaneously. The concept for the installation was inspired by altarpiece triptychs from the Renaissance and Medieval periods in art history. Our aim was to create a modern allegorical interpretation of the triptych using video, and sound. The center component became a conceptual performance based work on a loop, and projected in the portrait format.  The centerpiece is flanked on either side by two life sized figures of a man and a woman also projected in portrait format.  This work is not a narrative in the typical sense, but rather a series of constructed tableaus existing in a theatrical world.

NICHOLAS PYE was born in Torquay, England in 1976. He lives and works in Toronto Canada. As a musician, Nicholas released and toured with four albums in the mid 90’s. Moving from music to visual art, Nicholas completed his undergraduate degree at OCAD in 2002 followed by his MFA degree at Concordia University in Cinema production in 2005.  In 2011, Nicholas began working on his doctoral degree in Visual Art at York University.  He maintains an active art practice both independently and collaboratively.  His interests integrate performance, cinema, installation and large format still photography.