Fall 4th year Photo elective Digital Intensive: The Photo Book (PHOT 4008) has been moved from Monday to Thursday at 11:50.  This course no longer conflicts with any 4th year courses!

Spots are still available in this class, enroll quickly while there is still room!


Through the digital production of composites, layouts and bookworks, students will put into practice concepts of sequencing learned in previous courses. Students will develop essential production skills primarily utilizing Adobe InDesign, enabling them to design and produce a series of projects.  Presentations will also cover contemporary artists who use digital media within their photographic practice. The objectives of this course centre around the digital production of publications, with an introduction to layout software using Adobe InDesign leading to printed output in a variety of formats. This will not be a comprehensive course in design and book production related to offset publication, but it will touch on some general design principles and provide a working knowledge for further exploration. A workshop structure will be used with open-ended projects allowing each person to work within their own conceptual framework.