Course Spotlight: CROS 3001- Professional Practice

This course will be a great chance to build your knowledge of what is possible for your personal work and other career goals, allowing you to form directions and goals for your practice both in and out of the studio.
The class uses many formats including lectures, panel discussions, hands-on workshops and group discussions on varied practices. It also features many guest speakers and site visits we have from artists, curators, writers, gallerists, residency facilitators, etc. who you can meet and have one-on-one discussions with.

Start making connections and GET OUT THERE!

Fall 2015: Fridays at 11:50
Faculty: Derek Liddington & Jennie Suddick

Winter 2016: Fridays at 3:10
Faculty: Michelle Forsyth & Meera Margaret Singh


Check out the course description and if you have any questions about the course, or just want to know more email