A few students are organizing a print sale on Saturday OCT 24th for the ‘Look Inside’ OCADU open house. This is a call for all photo students years 3 and up to submit prints for sale.

If you would like to submit, please carefully read the process below*:

– Prints muse be dropped off to the Photo Equipment Cage between Tuesday Oct 20th – Friday Oct. 23rd

– Each student may submit 5 – 10 prints to sell

– Prints must be submitted in plastic holders/bags (available at Aboveground Art Supplies) and backed with a piece of card stock/cardboard

– All prints must be compiled in an envelope/folder marked with your name, student number, email and the # of prints you are submitting with their titles (Eg. Jane Doe, Student Number: 2554712, Prints: 5 – Flower Print , 5 – Black and White print.)

– You may also include business cards in your envelope/folder

*Prints may not be larger than 11 x 14 inches, and will be priced according to size as outlined below:
Smaller than 8 x 10 inches : $5
8 x 10 inches: $10
Larger than 8 x 10 inches: $15 or $20 – please mark clearly (if prices on larger prints are not written they will be sold for $15)

Prints will be sold by photo student volunteers on Oct 24th, and leftovers will be held at the PHOTO CAGE until Tuesday October 27th for pickup. Any prints not picked up after this date will be left in the photo finishing room.

You will get to keep all of the $$ from the sale of your prints, and this will be coordinated between myself and the other students organizing the print sale: Emily Rourke, Jay Chau, Francis Zhang, and of course Jenn Long who will be assisting us with the sale.

Feel free to email Emily (er11ke@student.ocadu.ca) with questions.

We are also looking for 3rd years and up to submit some work to display.  There is no theme but space is limited – this is an excellent opportunity to showcase your work to prospective students! The requirements are:

– 3-5 JPEG images (100 dpi)
– Your name, title of work, size and date (Eg. Jane Doe_artworktitle_ 11x17_2015)
– Images cannot be bigger than 11 x 17
– Deadline is Wednesday, October 21st

Please submit works to Jay Chau (jc11tg@student.ocadu.ca) with the subject line “Look Inside – (your name) submission

We look forward to see your prints and submissions this week!