Please join us in celebrating the new artwork of 2015 Photography Alumni Allison Morris.  This exhibition is part of the 2015 Artscape Youngplace Career Launcher award – a collaboration between OCAD U’s Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers and Artscape Youngplace.

IMPERSONATIONS is an exploration of the ways that social media allows us to reveal and curate our best selves. Allison performs as a variety of different characters who are only revealed by their material and aesthetic choices, without revealing a face or ‘true’ self. This allows the viewer to acknowledge their own vulnerability to succumbing to these false identities, as they are given the space to create their own narrative and fill in the blanks of each character.

Bio: Allison Morris is a fine art photographer living and working in the Greater Toronto Area. She has exhibited in Toronto, Ontario and Florence, Italy. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at OCAD University, and spent her third year of study abroad as part of OCAD U’s Off-Campus Florence program in Italy.

Allison’s artistic practice explores themes of female representation, the construction of femininity, beauty, youth, identity,and performance from a feminist perspective. She uses self-portraiture as a tool with which she can control her images and challenge the idea of the male gaze by consciously performing for the camera and herself.