Summer Exhibitions you won’t want to miss!

OCAD U Photo Alumni, Mara Gajic’s current exhibition, This City:  A Group Photography Exhibitionis running until May 31st at Coldstream Fine Art Gallery.


This City: A Group Photography Show, brings together an eclectic group of 12 Toronto-based photographers, each with their own interpretation of their city through the camera’s lens. Each artist was tasked with presenting an image that represents their own subjective perceptions and experiences. The diverse styles and backgrounds of the group resulted in a unique array of imagery connected to the theme. 

Exhibiting Artists: Mara Gajic, Paul Alexander, Petar Boskovic, Cosmo Calisse, Ryan Emberley, William Emerson Gaydos, Trevor Godinho,  Pamela Julian, Nick Kozak, Tom Ridout, Chris Reign and Harrison Taylor.

Mara Gajic, Photo Series: Boundaries

Mara Gajic, Photo Series: Boundaries

Mara Gajic is an OCAD U Photography Alimni. Her work is driven by elements of performance and costume to explore open narratives of self-construct, personal psychology and the quiet space between imagination and reality. Often using herself to stage her images, she imposes new realities on both herself and the photographs through the embodiment of a performative role to communicate underlying personal states in the form of colourful visual narratives and to initiate an unspoken dialogue between the viewer and artist.

To view more of Mara’s work, check out her website and this feature on Format Magazine.