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Month: June 2016

Blindspots: Opening tonight

Congratulations to OCAD U Photography alumni Dainesha Nugent-Palache on the curation of Blindspots, opening tonight at Xpace Cultural Centre!

Derrick Woods-Morrow, A Tale of Three Women

Derrick Woods-Morrow, A Tale of Three Women

June 24th – August 6th, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, June 24th, 7-10pm

Curated by Dainesha Nugent-Palache

Artist Involved: Darryl Terrell, Derrick Woods-Morrow, TeeJay Hayche, Mariel Zinman, Shellie Zhang

LGBTQ is often synonymous with gay-white-able-bodied-male; Blindspots puts the focus on those who exist under the queer umbrella, but don’t fit under this category. Blindspots is an exhibition composed of the work of five queer-diasporic artists (Darryl Terrell, Derrick Woods-Morrow, TeeJay Hayche, Mariel Zinman and Shellie Zhang), aiming to bring to light the often hidden facets of the queer experience.


303 Lansdowne Avenue Unit 2, Main Floor.
Toronto ON. M6K 2W5 (between College and Dundas)


Photo by Antonio Giacchetti

Dainesha Nugent-Palache is a Toronto based artist, writer, curator, and recent graduate of OCAD University—working primarily in photography, video, and with perfomativity—Her practice is often centred around themes of otherness, identity and representation, in relation to both femininity and the Afro-Caribbean diaspora. By employing the use of satire, pastiche and colour, Dainesha’s work is aesthetically tantalizing enough to pull viewers in, to then consider the deeper layered complexities which exist within her work. All in all, it is Dainesha’s intent to provide documentation and commentary on twenty-first-century realities through visual narratives, for the sake of posterity.

Xpace Cultural Centre is a membership driven artist-run centre dedicated to providing emerging and student artists and designers with the opportunity to showcase their work in a professional setting. We program contemporary practices that respond to the interests and needs of our membership. As we program with shorter timelines this allows for us to respond to contemporary issues in theory and aesthetics, keeping an up to the minute response to what is going on directly in our community.

Walter Segers: What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Photographs of vintage Ken dolls by Belgian-Canadian Photographer and OCAD U Photo Residency Graduate, Walter Segers is on now at the Fashion History Museum:

Walter Segers, What I Did On My Summer Vacation, Beach Boys #1

Walter Segers, What I Did On My Summer Vacation, Beach Boys #1

This exhibition of 22 works by Belgian-born photographer Walter Segers features Ken and his many fashions from the collection of James Fowler. Segers’ images capture Ken, and sometimes his pal Alan, on holiday – dressed for a variety of summer activities: at the airport, at the beach, in Rome, and at the ultimate summer vacation during the summer of ’69 – the surface of the moon! Copies of Segers’ photos will be available in the gift shop in the form of greeting cards, 8X10 prints, as well as a catalogue of Segers’ images with text by James Fowler, of the exhibition Barbie’s Boyfriend Ken.

Walter Segers, What I Did On My Summer Vacation, Viva Roma

Walter Segers, What I Did On My Summer Vacation, Viva Roma

Fashion History Museum

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Walter Segers
June 4 – September 25

Sebastián Benítez: Loiter

Upcoming exhibition at XSPACE, featuring  works of OCAD U Photo Alumni, Sebastián Benitez!

Sebastián Benítez
June 24 – August 12, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, June 24, 2016, 7-10pm

Sebastián Benítez, Prototype for Reticular Hanger

Sebastián Benítez, Prototype for Reticular Hanger

Rumour has it that aluminum can collectors have been taking down rods from Jesus Soto’s public sculptures to sell them as recycling scrap since the 90’s.

Loiter explores a relationship with modern art that is based on its encounter after its prime time. Revisiting elements from Venezuelan modern art, the series reconsiders the way modern art installations in Caracas relate to their contemporary environments. Commissioned between the 60’s and the late 80’s, most of these works are now in a constant state of disrepair. Offering new purposes to their fallen pieces, Loiter questions  what futures are possible for these modern vestiges?

Barbara Astman: Chronologues

OCAD Photo Faculty (and Alumni!) Barbara Astman’s Group Exhibition, Chronologiesis on now at Museum London:

Barbara Astman

Barbara Astman

“This group exhibition of contemporary art examines issues of memory and time, through personal narratives and larger, shared histories. Works in diverse media re-visualize specific experiences or invite viewers to construct their own associations. Each selection is intriguing in its consideration of the inventive ways in which aspects of the past are literally and figuratively archived, mediated, and expressed.”


Exhibition runs May 7th, 2016 to August 14th, 2016

Ivey Galleries

Museum London 

Congratulations to our 2015/2016 Photo Award Winners!

A big congratulations to our 2015/2016 Photo Program Award Winners! 

Francis Zhang with his GRAD EX 101 installation

Francis Zhang with his GRAD EX 101 installation

Benjamin Hunter – Photography Program Medal Winner

Benjamin Hunter – Nora E. Vaughan Award

Benjamin Hunter – Spoke Club Membership Prize

Antonio Giacchetti – Evans Award

Benjamin Hunter – Project 31 Photography Award

Michael Seleski – Project 31 Photography Award

Mara Gajic – Project 31 Photography Award

Abigail Lomboy – Project 31 Photography Award

Shelby Fenlon – Project 31 Photography Award

Jennifer Ho – Project 31 Photography Award

Kelsey Whyte – Project 31 Photography Award

Francis Zhang – Project 31 Photography Award

Maddie Alexander – Project 31 Photography Award

Antonio Giacchetti – Verano Richards Photography Award & Prize

Sabrina Direnzo – Honourable Mentions



Counterpoints: Photography Through the Lens of Toronto Collections

OCAD Photo-Faculty, Meera Margaret Singh’s work is on now at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto for the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival! See details below.

Meera Margaret Singh

Meera Margaret Singh

Counterpoints: Photography Through the Lens of Toronto Collections

May 6–July 30
Counterpoints proposes a view of photography—and some of its signal historical and contemporary transitions—that is, like the daily experience of images, ultimately heterogeneous and non-linear.”
Curated by Jessica Bradley.

Meryl McMaster

OCAD U photo Alumni, Meryl McMaster, has been long-listed for the Sobey Art Award! A prestigious Canadian contemporary art prize, each year the Sobey Art Award is awarded to a visual artist age 40 and under who has exhibited in a public or commercial art gallery within 18 months of being nominated.

Meryl 1 2010 Digital Chromogenic Print 36" x 36"

Meryl 1 2010 Digital Chromogenic Print 36″ x 36″

Meryl McMaster is a Canadian-based artist and a graduate in photography from the Ontario College of Art and Design. Her artistic practice begins with photography, evoking a journey that follows a path of self-discovery. She is interested in exploring questions of how we construct our sense of self through lineage, history and culture. McMaster’s practice extends beyond straight photography by incorporating other artistic media into how she build images and express her ideas. McMaster’s resulting work takes advantage of both the spontaneity of photography and the manual production of props or sculptural garments, performance and self-reflection. McMaster’s work unravels identity and subjectivity as something that is never complete, but always in process and invariably formed from within.

Meryl is represented by Katzmann Contemporary, and you can view more of her work here. To follow updates on the Sobey Art Awart, you can follow the competition on Twitter at @PrixSobeyAward.

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