This exhibition brings together art works that look at pop culture and nerd culture through a variety of feminist lenses. Working in various disciplines, artists explore gender representation in comic books, video games, movies and different forms of media. While some pieces are critical of the ways in which we consume pop culture, others celebrate characters or representations with whom the artists identify. Fake Geek Girls Like Us aims to create a community space in which people who are made to feel unwelcome in geek culture because of their gender feel safe expressing themselves and sharing their artwork.

There will be a merch table full of zines, stickers, prints and other amazing things for sale.

Poetry and acoustic performances will start at 9pm. PWYC.

Featuring artwork by: 23kg50lb, Alison Postma, Anna Campbell, Brianna Hoy, Caitlynn Fairbarns, Carly Whitmore, Christine Shepherd, Couture by May, Dana McCool, Deena Pagillero, Emily Adams, Emily Norry, Emma Arkell, Jay Chau, Joanna Yetter, Kelsey Whyte, Ketzia Kobrah, Lenox Daley, Mariah Ramsawakh, Martine Romero, Matt Tribe, Morgan Sears Williams, Okay Collective, Roha, Shanna Van Maurik & Sophie Paas-Lang

Performances by: Robyn Matuto, Rachel Chiong, Amy Hurst & Taylor Murray.

Poster by Sophie Paas-Lang