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Call To Artists!

mainpostersmallspellingfixedArtworks For Charles Street Video Presents: Loon, Twit and Nitwit
Co-Curated by Photo Major Aaron Moore & Madelayne Hajek

Deadline for submissions is July 22nd at Midnight 12 am

Charles Street Video is hosting a hilarious, political exhibition focusing on the ways in which political agendas and their messages are conveyed through media. The title, “Loon, Twit and Nitwit” comes from research published in 2014 by Oxford New Monitor Corpus on derogatory terms most commonly used by leftist politicians to describe their rightwing counterparts. We are holding a call for submissions for any video/ mixed media work that focuses on the dissemination of political ideologies through humour. We aim to contextualize the works through focusing on the idea of the PSA and its place in the promotion of political and social conservatism. The PSA videos will range from early 1960’s propaganda, like “Boys Beware”, to PSAs with more modern approaches such as the “Consent is Like Tea” video. Our goal is to critique the origins of some dangerous stereotypes and, through humour, to derail and devalue messages of hate. In essence, we’re just being trolls.

In fostering the creation of media art, and opening up experimental and artistic dialogues, Charles Street Video hopes to encourage both emerging and established artists in our space. CSV encourages the artistic and film communities in Toronto to explore and share their ideas and visions with each other. ‘Loon, Twit and Nitwit” aims to highlight the ridiculousness of some of the messages being played out in historical and contemporary media, and propagate important creative discussions about the topic.

CSV is looking for highly political finished works, which use humour as a vehicle to illustrate a point. Whether it be a short film, video projection, VR experience, animation or spoof, we would love to incorporate your humour with our politically charged project. 

Check out the full form here: https://charlesstreetvideo.com/feature.php?id=49

Charles Street Video
568 Richmond St W

Simon Glass is teaching Language and Art!

Looking for a 4th year Art elective?  Photography faculty Simon Glass is teaching CROS 4002 – Language and Art!  

language and art flyer for email[2]

Experiential Learning: Field Placements

OCAD U offers work- and community-integrated learning opportunities in a number of exciting ways. Field Placements and Independent Studies can supplement your learning, help you to develop professional skills and expand your network, all while working towards completing your undergraduate credits!

 What is a Field Placement? 

  • Field Studies provides 3rd and 4th year students with opportunities to gain experience in the professional worlds of art and design in order to complement their studio and academic studies.
  • On-site work is performed under the guidance of the Field Placement sponsor, and the Field Placement credit is supervised and evaluated by an OCAD U Teaching Faculty.

Placement Policy:

  • Students are prohibited from receiving any wage or salary from their sponsor for the duration of the Field Placement.
  • Students may not participate in a Field Placement assignment with a current former employer.

 Finding a Placement:

Each student has individual strengths and interests that would enable him or her to perform jobs outside of the defined program areas. For example, students have held positions at galleries such as Gallery 44 and Prefix Gallery, various Magazines such as Flare, and worked individually with professional artists.

Students who have difficulty finding an appropriate internship placement should contact The Experiential Learning Program, or Associate Chair of Cross-Disciplinary Art Practices, Jennifer Long.

Application Process:

  • Completed Student Field Placement Application Form
  • Students are expected to meet with a) Program Coordinator, Experiential Learning; b) Supervising Faculty Member; c) Program Chair to discuss the Field Placement and their learning goals for the project.
  • The project must receive overall approval by the Chair of the student’s program.
  • Once the project has been approved, your sponsor must complete the Sponsor Profile Form.

Please note: The Experiential Learning Placement Program has eliminated the step of submitting a project proposal**

  Field Placement Credits:

  • Fourth-year students may complete a 0.5 credit or 1.0 credit value course and must indicate which they are applying for on their application form.
  • Third-year students are only eligible to complete a 0.5 credit value course.
  • Total Hours Expected:
    0.5 credit = 80 – 120 hours
    1.0 credit = 160 – 240 hours 


**Specific dates may be updated** Please check online at http://www.ocadu.ca/academics/field-study.htm for updates or contact the Office of the Registrar (ext. 235), or Experiential Learning Program Coordinator (ext.3844)


2016 Fall semester: July 17, 2016

2016 Winter semester: November 6, 2016

2016 Summer semester: April 1, 2016

 Course Supervision & Evaluation:

  • Your Field Placement Sponsor will be required to submit mid-point and final assessments to the supervising teaching faculty using the Sponsor Assessment Form.
  • The supervising teaching faculty will meet with you to monitor progress of the project throughout the term (scheduling is as determined by your teaching faculty)
  • The final grade assigned by the supervising teaching faculty reflects an evaluation of the final written assessments of both the sponsor and the student, the student’s updated resumé, a 500-word essay, and any other supporting documentation such as journals, reports, photos, videos, sketchbooks and research papers.

***For more information or to apply for a Field Placement or Independent Student, you can contact the OCAD U’s Experiential Learning Program Coordinator:



416 977 6000 x3844 slee@ocadu.ca



An independent study provides students with the opportunity to undertake studies of significance to their educational objectives, where otherwise not available through the regular university curriculum. Independent studies are supervised and evaluated by your OCAD U Faculty and include a course credit.


  • Third and fourth year level students with 10.0 or more completed credits with a minimum overall average of 70% are eligible to apply for independent study.
  • Students may take a maximum of 1.5 credits in independent study and/or field placements.

Application process

  • Complete Independent Study Application Form (PDF)
  • Project Proposal: Students must also submit a comprehensive proposal (minimum 500 words) of their study project that is initialed by the supervising teaching faculty*. This proposal should: Explain goals or learning objectives, Describe the type and extent of research, Discuss specific skills and knowledge to be developed, Discuss the benefits this project will add to the student’s studies
  • *Independent studies must be approved by the Program Chair – Johanna Householder or Associate Chair – Jenn Long.  Meetings can be booked for either individual through Program Assistant Oliver Valencia – svalencia@ocadu.ca

 Deadline to submit form and proposal

2015 Fall term: July 15

2016 Winter term: November 6

2016 Summer term: April 1

Independent studies are coordinated through the Office of the Registrar.

Supervision & evaluation

  • Students are required to initiate regular meetings with their supervising teaching faculty, and complete the three formal critiques required each term.
  • During the first formal critique, the evaluation criteria for the project are to be defined by the student and the supervising teaching faculty. All critiques are to include a written narrative addressing these criteria by the supervising teaching faculty.

* Please note that not all faculty are available as independent study supervisors. Students should verify if the faculty they select is available before proceeding with their application.

***For more information or to apply for a Field Placement or Independent Student, you can contact the OCAD U’s Experiential Learning Program Coordinator:

416 977 6000 x3844 slee@ocadu.ca

Career Launcher 2016


Paris After Marville / Paris d’après Marville

We are excited to announce OCAD U Photo Faculty, Peter Sramek has launched Paris After Marville, an interactive iPad application. The App follows his book, Piercing Time- Paris After Marville and Atet 1865-2012, which compiles Sramek’s contemporary photographs to those made by Charles Marville and Eugène Atet.




Piercing Time- Paris After Marville and Atet 1865-2012

Navigate Paris’ urban change from the 19th century-today, trough the eyes of Charles MarvilleEugène Atet, and Peter Sramek on your iPad! Search Marville or Sramek in the Apple App Store.

PT Announcement-red.pdfPeter Sramek, Photographic Art and Book Works

Cheryl Pope: Student Exhibitions at OCAD U

Last chance to view Objects for Listening in The Great Hall on now at OCAD University! Exhibition closing on Monday July 4, 2016.


Cheryl Pope: Objects for Listening

OCAD University and Onsite Gallery welcomes Chicago-based designer and artist, Cheryl Pope. The new site-specific work in this exhibition was developed through workshops with OCAD U students and the local community, creating objects for listening.
Works created in collaboration with: Paula Burrows, Tyla Crowhurst-Smith, Atticus Edwards, Anam Feerasta, Rita Camacho Lomeli, Lizz Khan, Tori Maas, Khadijah Morley, Sophie Paas-Lang, Tak Pham, Debora Puricelli, Amanda Robertson-Hébert, Claudio S. Santander and Mary Tremonte

Curated by Lisa Deanne Smith.


Cheryl Pope, I WANT TO BE PROUD, 2016. Text by: Debora Puricelli, Nylon and tackle twill 3×5 ft. Image courtesy of the artist and Monique Meloche Gallery, Chicago.

Alongside Cheryl Pope’s work is an OCAD U student exhibition to unite and empower our students in their diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions.

Featuring work by Madelyn Alexander, Dominique Crowley, Adam Filek, John Holland, Lara Aphrodite Isaias, James Patrick Knott, Emily Norry, Jules Reeves, Cecilia Salcedo, Sean Sandusky, Morgan Sears-Williams, Michael Seleski, Ronald Siu and Sarah Alinia Ziazi.
Curated by Wrik Mead

[OCAD U Photo Alumni & Students: Madelyn AlexanderMorgan Sears-Williams Michael Seleski]
Both exhibitions run concurrently:
June 8 to July 4, 2016
OCAD U Great Hall
100 McCaul Street
Second Floor

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

Cheryl Pope is a Chicago-based artist focused in sculpture, installation and performance. Her work questions and responds to issues of identity as it relates to the private and public self. For the past four years, her research has been centred on issues of power, inequality, race, gender and segregation in the U.S. This research includes several collaborations with Chicago youth through the intersection of poetry and the visual arts. These collaborations have surfaced as performances and special edition books as well as a team of young poets under the group name Just Yell. In 2015 she was the DCASE Artist in Residence at the Chicago Cultural Center and recently exhibited at the Kunsthalle Osnabrueck (Germany), The Poetry Foundation (IL) and Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (CO). Also, Pope studied under the artist Nick Cave for twelve years and that experience has had a dominant influence on her practice.

Onsite [at] Ocadu
Onsite Gallery, OCAD University’s professional gallery and experimental curatorial platform for art, design and digital media, fosters social and cultural transformations, serving the OCAD U community and the general public. In preparation for the launch of Onsite Gallery’s new location in May 2017, our 2016 ONSITE/ programming imagines and creates what a public gallery can be.

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