April Hickox, from the series Echo, 2010

April Hickox, from the series Echo, 2010

If you are looking for a Fall 1.0 credit studio-based Photo course, look here:  PHOT 3017 – Photosequence: Multiples & Text with April Hickox

This course is for intermediate students interested in combining photographs. Students will be exposed to the history, concepts and practice of image sequencing. A wide variety of approaches to image making are covered. Including, the visual narrative, image formatting, text/image relationships, book and film works. Assignments are varied and student driven. Areas that have been explored in the past include Stop animation, book binding, installation and 3 dimensional works, fiber base printing, historical practices, collage, and the intersections of digital and analogue technologies.

Prerequisites: PHOT-2002 or PHOT-2008 and 7.5 credits, including all first-year requirements

For more information contact:  ahickox@faculty.ocadu.ca

At the conclusion of this course students will:

  • become familiar with current and historical trends in narrative, sequenced and text-based photographic works
  • explore step animation
  • master skills needed to do multiple printing, masking and black border printing
  • become familiar with different printing styles and other formal concerns
  • gain a general understanding of the history and contemporary practice and skills necessary to incorporate text with image in both digital and analogy systems
  • gain a general understanding of the use of the process camera, copy stands and 8×10 enlarger
  • gain an awareness of the book work as a format
  • develop skills and an understanding of the potential of combining analogy and digital applications