WHY: To raise money for you & a cute photo party!  (Everyone is invited)

 WHO CAN SUBMIT: Everyone!  Photo majors, Photo minors, Technicians, faculty, alumni… This 1-day sale is being done alongside Printmaking who has very generously offered to share their space with us!  Printmaking will be selling grilled cheese next to us – forget your lunch on Tuesday and enjoy one of their sandwiches! 


– Find prints/zines/multiples… you want to sell!
(Note: no food/drinks can be sold)

– Put your print(s) in a clear bag (ideally with a hard paper/board backing).  Supplies available at Aboveground. Note: Jenn Long will deliver some free bags to the Photo Cage on Thursday.  Drop your work off quickly to get free packing supplies!  Other work can be loose.

– Price your prints in multiples of 5 ($5, $10, $15…)

– Ensure that your name is clearly indicated on each work you bring.  (Consider slipping a business card inside).  This is important because this is how we will know who to pay!

– Deliver your work to the Photo Cage before Mon, Nov 28th at 9pm

– We are also collecting books for the sales table – all books will be sold with 100% going to the fundraiser!

MONEY: A Portion of each sale will be donated to the party fund to buy food and drinks.  If we can raise $400 ($25 liquor license, $100 in alcohol & $275 for security guards fees) we can serve alcohol!  If we don’t hit this amount, all funds will go towards food and non-alcoholic beverages.  Participants will be paid and have their work returned within a week of the sale.  Please note, we can’t be responsible for damaged or stolen prints.

– $5 sale – $3 to artist, $2 to fundraiser

– $10 sale – $7 to artist, $3 to fundraiser

– $15 sale – $11 to artist, $4 to fundraiser

– $20 sale – $15 to artist, $5 to fundraiser

– all prints above $20 will have a 25% cut taken for the fundraiser

– if you would like to donate a larger portion of your sales,
we are happy to take it!

WE ARE LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS!  If you can volunteer some time to sit the sales table on Nov 29th between 11-4, please reach out to Jenn Long –  Additional volunteer opportunities such as social media promo, sale prep and post-sale payout is also needed!

WHEN IS THIS PARTY?  The party will be happening close to the last week of school or early in the Winter semester.  Reach out to Jenn Long if you want to help plan our celebration!

QUESTIONS: Ask Associate Chair Jenn Long –!  Jenn will be doing her regular office hours on Monday, Nov 28th 10:00-11:00 rm 480 and from 11:00-12:30 at the Photo Cage area!  Come for a visit and cookie (supplies are limited here as well)!