If you hadn't seen this picture, you probably wouldn't have believed me if I told you I had a camera that could be confused with a feminine hygiene product. The Lady Carefree is a plastic camera for 126 film cartridges. It wasn't actually made by Argus, but for Argus, by Balda-Werke (Germany) around 1967.

Want to get your work documented by seasoned Directed Studio photo students who shoot everything from fashion, food, documentary to landscape and portraiture?

We would like to invite you to share with us your best work or to collaborate with us on projects so that you can get your work properly documented and we can practice our shooting skills!

Don’t want to share work? You can get some practice modelling, joining us as make up artists, stylists, graphic designers, writers, or location scouts and we can offer some in demand tutorials on Photoshop, camera basics, headshots for your fancy linkedins and documenting your work for portfolios!

if you are interested, please send an email to directedstudio@gmail.com before Feb 16, 2017 with a link to your website or 3 jpegs of your work. include how you are interested in working with us and we’ll share your message with the class.

Hopefully we can find everyone a match!

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