Are you a 3rd/4th year student interested in doing a Field Placement (Internship for course credit) in Fashion/E-commerce?
(Note: Field Placements are available as 0.5 or 1.0 credits!)

If so, this might be just what you have been looking for!

INTERNSHIP Information provided by PYA Importer
(courtesy of OCAD U alumni David Tran)

PYA Importer is a successful North American fashion house and wholesale importer. PYA owns a variety of leading fashion labels, which can be found at more than 1500 specialty stores and nearly every major department store across North America. PYA Importer got its start importing international clothing brands such as C17 – a high-end denim line, Mondo Di Marco – an Italian men’s sportswear label, and the Dutch line 4You which, under Assaraf’s leadership, grew from $8 million to $80 million in annual sales. In 2004, the company officially shifted its strategy by acquiring and housing brands like LINE the label, a popular women’s knitwear label specializing in custom yarn blends, and Toscano, a men’s luxury collection distinguished by its clean lines, elegant color palette and exceptional materials. His newest brand, Patrick Assaraf, a line of luxury basics from cashmere knits to Peruvian cotton stretch Tshirts, is designed by Assaraf himself. Over the course of this transition, PYA has remained committed to its best selling imported brands, and continues to distribute them across Canada.

Qualities needed:

• An interest in digital fashion and e-commerce photography

• Interest in fashion industry

• 1-2 years experience with Photoshop and Lightroom

• 1-2 years using DSLRs

• Comfortable or interested in a photo studio setting

• Able to work in a team or independently

• To be able to come 3-4 days a week


Photo Intern responsibilities:

• Setting up and tearing down photography studio including lighting, stands and backdrops.

• Assisting in-house photographer photograph, retouch and output photos for e-commerce, web and social media content

• Organizing, steaming and preparing garments to photograph

• Renaming RAW files and organizing them into the proper folders


Bonus if you have:

• Your own laptop with Photoshop / Lightroom

• Experience with Adobe Suite (Indesign/Illustrator)

• Experience with profotos

• Experience with NIKON DSLRs


Skills you will learn:

• Able to work in a professional creative environment

• High-end retouching and outputting skills

• Able to use professional lighting equipment

• Knowledgable about different lighting techniques and equipment

• Able to set up a tear down photography studio


Job Type: Internship Email David at to apply.

To apply for a Field Placement, contact Experiential Learning Placement Program Coordinator: Serena Lee,