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Nicky Huber: Production Catalysts Resident

The Photography Program is pleased to introduce alumni Nicky Huber as one of our 2016-17 Production Catalysts Residents!

The Production Catalyst visiting artist residency aims to animate the darkroom, support all areas of the facilities, and facilitate the transition to the community and independent facilities. For this program, two alumni artists have been selected to act as resources for students in regards to technical digital and analogue skills, research, the process of production, editing, sequencing, presentation, school/community transition, and other related items.

Tearsheet for Dot Dot Dash, photography by Nicky Huber

Tearsheet for Dot Dot Dash, photography by Nicky Huber

BIO: Nicky Huber is an award winning photographer from Toronto, ON. Growing up in a foodie family it was only natural she would love to cook and bake. She has taken her love of culinary arts and her artistic ability and blended them into food photography and styling. She holds a BFA in photography from OCAD University.

Tea cake, photography by Nicky Huber

View more of Nikki’s work here:


Allison Morris: Vogue Italia

Congrats to Photo Alumni, Allison Morris on another feature in Vogue Italia!

allison morris

BIO:  Allison Morris is an emerging fine art photographer living and working in the Greater Toronto Area. She has exhibited in Toronto, Ontario and Florence, Italy. Allison has recently completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at the Ontario College of Art and Design University, and spent her third year of study abroad as part of OCAD University’s Off-Campus Florence program in Italy.

Allison Morris

Allison Morris

Allison’s artistic practice explores themes of female representation, the construction of femininity, beauty, youth, identity, and performance from a feminist perspective. She uses self-portraiture as a tool with which she can control her images and challenge the male gaze by consciously performing for the camera and herself.

Heike Reuse: Rouge Park Resident Photographer

Congrats to  2016 Photo Grad, Heike Reuse on landing her dream job photographing wildlife in Rouge Park!  Check her out on CBC’s  Metro Morning!

Rouge Park resident photographer, Heike Reuse.

Rouge Park resident photographer, Heike Reuse.

As the Park’s first  resident photographer, Heike will spend the summer on the park’s trails, documenting its landscapes, wildlife and the visitors who come to escape the city just beyond its borders.

You can read more about the Heike’s residency experience in this feature by the Metro.

BIO: Heike Reuse is a Canadian-based landscape and wildlife photographer, with a curiosity for urban exploration. After receiving a BFA in photography at OCAD University, Heike has been pursuing a photography contract with Parks Canada. As an artist, Heike is fascinated by wildlife and the idea of nature as an unstoppable force. She predominantly shoots landscapes, many echoing a theme of industrial abandonment or exploration and rediscovery of forgotten spaces. For Heike photography is not solely about the image, but also the thrill of adventure and exploration of the natural world.

Morgan Sears Williams

Check out 3rd Year Photo Major, Morgan Sears Williams featured on theBUZZ Community Gallery!

Morgan Sears Williams

Morgan Sears Williams

BIO:  Morgan is a Canadian-born visual artist currently working and living in Toronto, and attending OCAD University. Her art practice explores and is influenced by feminist and queer movements, contemporary and intersectional feminist art practices and archiving, and interpersonal communication. Experimenting through zines, artist books, and lens-based works, She explores interpersonal relationships, queerness and erasure, online sexual harassment and violence, and disability. Storytelling is a common tread in her work, where she is a facilitator rather than a narrator, focusing on the voices of the individuals in my work who can speak to their personal experience.

Morgan Sears Williams, Queer Enough Series.

Morgan Sears Williams, Queer Enough Series.

You can see more of Morgan’s work at morgansearswilliams.com and on Instagram @morgansearswilliams.

Melissa General: Terraforming

Congrats to Photo Alumni Melissa General on her upcoming exhibition:


July 6th- August 25th 2016

South Asian Visual Arts Centre,

401 Richmond St. W. Suite 450


 Melissa General, Reclamation, 2014, Digital Video, Running Time 6:27

Melissa General, Reclamation, 2014, Digital Video, Running Time 6:27

Featuring artists Melissa General, Kristina Guison, Trudy Erin Elmore, Anna Eyler, and Safiya Randera, this exhibition encounters Nature as a medium for creating options in relation to the established socio-economic order. From the physical movement of bodies from one place to another, through the regenerative qualities of fire and water; to expanded virtual landscapes and digital subjects; these artists engage with the elements of nature to alter, transfer, move, and reorganize established social systems or prescribed modes of thinking and acting. In resisting the naturalization of socio-political hegemonies, these works find in the earth the tools to rethink our histories and futures.


Bio : Melissa General is from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. She is a graduate of OCAD University and completed a Masters of Fine Arts degree at York University. Working in photography, installation and video, concepts involving memory, history, land and her Indigenous identity have been a focus in her practice. Her work has been exhibited at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Harbourfront Centre, Art Gallery of Peterborough, Gallery 101, Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography and has been included in the 2016 Contemporary Native Art Biennial in Montreal.


Exhibition details here: http://www.savac.net/terraforming/

Measured Time: April Hickox, Kotama Bouabane & Alex Kisilevich

April Hickox. "Variations (Grey)," 2016. Video still. Image courtesy of the artist.

April Hickox. “Variations (Grey),” 2016. Video still. Image courtesy of the artist.

Measured Time

Harbour front Centre, 235 Queens Quay West, Toronto

June 25 – September 18, 2016


Exhibition featuring: Mark Bell, Kotama Bouabane, Jamie Campbell, Martha Eleen, Eric Glavin, Maggie Groat, April Hickox, Alex Kisilevich

Curated by Patrick Macaulay.


Kotama Bouabane

Arrow is an appropriated image taken from the 1980 October Issue of National Geographic’s magazine that focused on bamboo. The image is printed on Hahnemühle bamboo-fibre paper and the arrow is cut out to highlight how images are constructed in relation to representation, materiality and commerce. The National Geographic brand of black sand fabricates the natural and creates an illusion of another environment that is foreign and unfamiliar.

– Kotama Bouabane

Kotama Bouabane. "Arrow" (detail), 2016. Digital print on bamboo paper & National Geographic Black Sand. Image courtesy of artist.

Kotama Bouabane. “Arrow” (detail), 2016. Digital print on bamboo paper & National Geographic Black Sand. Image courtesy of artist.

Kotama Bouabane has an MFA in Studio Arts (Photography) from Concordia University, Montreal and an AOCAD from OCAD. His work has been exhibited in many galleries including Centre A (Vancouver), Parisian Laundry (Montreal), Gallery 44 (Toronto). He has received many awards and grants from the Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council & the Canada Council for the Arts. He lives and works in Toronto and is represented by Erin Stump Projects.




April Hickox

Variations (Grey) is parts to a series of videos and stills that renew my exploration of the object through photography. This work begins to question issues of value, providence, and authorship. In particular, Variations will reflect on the construction, symbolism and nature of a still life built by the contemporary artist. I have been working initially with the objects available through the drawing and painting prop cupboard at OCADU University. This well worn resource includes white cones and spheres and other common objects that are chosen for their texture and form for the purpose of students learning traditional drawing and painting skills. (Grey) is one of six films and part of the series of work entitled, Primaries.

Thanks go to Alexa Hickox and Ray Salaber.

– April Hickox

April Hickox is a Canadian lens-based artist, teacher and independent curator who lives on the Toronto Islands. Hickox’s work is based in narratives, with a broad range of approaches to subject, with an affinity to landscape, encompassing history, memory, and site. She has produced work in various media including photography, film, video and installation. Supported by all levels of funding throughout her career she has exhibited nationally and internationally. An active community leader, the founding director of Gallery 44 Center For Contemporary Photography, and a founding member of Tenth Muse Studio, and Artscape. Notable exhibitions include the, Harbourfrount Centre, Winnipeg Art Gallery, The Maclaren Art Centre, The Oakville Galleries, Tom Thompson Memorial Art Gallery and the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography.



Alex Kisilevich

My work frequently reconfigures everyday objects to produce new and often absurd meaning. Playfully blending medium and materiality, my practice both alludes to and incorporates photography, sculpture, painting and the moving image.

In Under Padding, I arrange varying types of carpet under padding together (a material used often in my photographs), to encompass the surface of this vitrine. The painterly quality of the material is interrupted by each successive pad, as the piece becomes an immersive installation.

– Alex Kisilevich

Alex Kisilevich. "Under Padding," 2016. Urethane foam, rubber. Image courtesy of the artist.

Alex Kisilevich. “Under Padding,” 2016. Urethane foam, rubber. Image courtesy of the artist.

 Alex Kisilevich is an artist living and working in Toronto. His work has been featured in publications such as Magenta Foundation’s Flash ForwardBlackFlash Magazine and Canadian Art. His photographs have been exhibited internationally, including a recent exhibition at Louis B James Gallery in New York.


Experiential Learning: Field Placements

OCAD U offers work- and community-integrated learning opportunities in a number of exciting ways. Field Placements and Independent Studies can supplement your learning, help you to develop professional skills and expand your network, all while working towards completing your undergraduate credits!

 What is a Field Placement? 

  • Field Studies provides 3rd and 4th year students with opportunities to gain experience in the professional worlds of art and design in order to complement their studio and academic studies.
  • On-site work is performed under the guidance of the Field Placement sponsor, and the Field Placement credit is supervised and evaluated by an OCAD U Teaching Faculty.

Placement Policy:

  • Students are prohibited from receiving any wage or salary from their sponsor for the duration of the Field Placement.
  • Students may not participate in a Field Placement assignment with a current former employer.

 Finding a Placement:

Each student has individual strengths and interests that would enable him or her to perform jobs outside of the defined program areas. For example, students have held positions at galleries such as Gallery 44 and Prefix Gallery, various Magazines such as Flare, and worked individually with professional artists.

Students who have difficulty finding an appropriate internship placement should contact The Experiential Learning Program, or Associate Chair of Cross-Disciplinary Art Practices, Jennifer Long.

Application Process:

  • Completed Student Field Placement Application Form
  • Students are expected to meet with a) Program Coordinator, Experiential Learning; b) Supervising Faculty Member; c) Program Chair to discuss the Field Placement and their learning goals for the project.
  • The project must receive overall approval by the Chair of the student’s program.
  • Once the project has been approved, your sponsor must complete the Sponsor Profile Form.

Please note: The Experiential Learning Placement Program has eliminated the step of submitting a project proposal**

  Field Placement Credits:

  • Fourth-year students may complete a 0.5 credit or 1.0 credit value course and must indicate which they are applying for on their application form.
  • Third-year students are only eligible to complete a 0.5 credit value course.
  • Total Hours Expected:
    0.5 credit = 80 – 120 hours
    1.0 credit = 160 – 240 hours 


**Specific dates may be updated** Please check online at http://www.ocadu.ca/academics/field-study.htm for updates or contact the Office of the Registrar (ext. 235), or Experiential Learning Program Coordinator (ext.3844)


2016 Fall semester: July 17, 2016

2016 Winter semester: November 6, 2016

2016 Summer semester: April 1, 2016

 Course Supervision & Evaluation:

  • Your Field Placement Sponsor will be required to submit mid-point and final assessments to the supervising teaching faculty using the Sponsor Assessment Form.
  • The supervising teaching faculty will meet with you to monitor progress of the project throughout the term (scheduling is as determined by your teaching faculty)
  • The final grade assigned by the supervising teaching faculty reflects an evaluation of the final written assessments of both the sponsor and the student, the student’s updated resumé, a 500-word essay, and any other supporting documentation such as journals, reports, photos, videos, sketchbooks and research papers.

***For more information or to apply for a Field Placement or Independent Student, you can contact the OCAD U’s Experiential Learning Program Coordinator:



416 977 6000 x3844 slee@ocadu.ca


Paris After Marville / Paris d’après Marville

We are excited to announce OCAD U Photo Faculty, Peter Sramek has launched Paris After Marville, an interactive iPad application. The App follows his book, Piercing Time- Paris After Marville and Atet 1865-2012, which compiles Sramek’s contemporary photographs to those made by Charles Marville and Eugène Atet.




Piercing Time- Paris After Marville and Atet 1865-2012

Navigate Paris’ urban change from the 19th century-today, trough the eyes of Charles MarvilleEugène Atet, and Peter Sramek on your iPad! Search Marville or Sramek in the Apple App Store.

PT Announcement-red.pdfPeter Sramek, Photographic Art and Book Works

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