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NEW CENTURY Exhibition


A Catalyst for Change: Candice Linkie, Abigail Lomboy and Tek Yang


Made With Love: A Catalyst for Change

It’s quite prevalent that the streets of Toronto can get pretty cold during this time of year. Many of us are lucky to be able to run to find warmth, shelter, and food at our homes, work places, and institutions. Though, there are those that are not as lucky.

A group at OCAD’s photo department wanted to become a catalyst for change.

As a team, Tek Yang, Abigail Lomboy, and Candice Linkie, decided to get together and prepare care packages that include basic necessities and treats to bring warmth and hope to the homeless in Toronto. The great part of the care packages is that you can store them away or have it with you on the go to pass along to someone in need. Together, their efforts created 20 care packages, with extra blankets and pajamas to give away. The goal is to provide those who are less fortunate with basic every day necessities, while at the same time, letting them know that there is someone out there thinking about them.

We ask that you give back by taking one of these packages at the photography cage to have with you, to pass along to someone who needs it the most. No one ever really chooses to be homeless. Together, our efforts can make a difference in somebody’s life.




ART CAMP Exhibition: Oct 22nd


ART CAMP Exhibition at Ryerson Artscape:
October 22nd – November 15th, 2015
Opening Reception: October 22nd, 7 – 10pm

An exhibition exploring our contemporary understanding of reality from the context of the physical and digital spaces that collectively constitute our world.

Featuring work from 13 Ryerson + OCAD U photography students & alumni:
Andrea Chartrand ● Mauricio Estrada ● Abigail Lomboy ● Antonio Giacchetti ● Jesse Marcelo Sarkis ● Allison Morris ● Manuela Morales ● Hilary Riem ● Camille Rojas ● Evan Roy ● Farihah Shah ● Morgan Sears-Williams ● Cassandera Xavier

Part of the first ART CAMP Residency in collaboration with OCAD U & Ryerson University that took place at the Ryerson Artspace from May – October 2015.  Art Camp brings together 13 students from OCAD U’s Photography department and Ryerson’s School of Image Arts to collaborate on community building and art creation.  The ART CAMP Residency was founded by  Robyn Cumming, Marc Losier & Jennifer Long.


Ryerson Artspace 
1214 Queen St. West

Media Contact: ryersonartspace@gmail.com

Gallery Hours:
Thursday – Friday: 1 – 6pm
Saturday – Sunday: 12 – 5pm

HERE: opens Feb 5, 7pm

Abigail Lomboy

Abigail Lomboy

Opening Reception: Thurs, Feb 5, 2015, 7pm
Exhibition Runs: Tue, Feb 3 -Feb 15, 2015

A photography exhibit showcasing work from 10 emerging OCAD U artists exploring the self as a performative subject within the photographic frame.  Curated by: Madelyn Alexander

Featuring: Madelyn Alexander Sebastián Benítez Mara Gajic Antonio Giacchetti Abigail LomboySheana KanthanDainesha Nugent-PalacheNaz Niazi, Karella Mara Raffinan & Victoria Wojtan



478 Roncesvalles Ave
Toronto, ON, M6R 2N5


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