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The Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers at OCAD U is pleased to present a Photography Exhibition of the recipients of the 2017 Artscape Youngplace Career Launcher. Congratulations to those who have been selected!

 Lesia Miga  
Giselle Mira Diaz
Aaron Moore
Morgan Sears Williams               

June 22nd – July 21st 2017
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 22nd, 2017, 6:30pm – 9:00pm

 Artscape Youngplace Hallway Gallery
180 Shaw Street, 2nd Floor
Toronto, Ontario


Career Launcher: Artscape Youngplace Due Apr 24!



Career Launcher Exhibition: Farihah Aliyah Shah

posterfinalPoster design by Antonio Giacchetti   

Congratulations to 2016 Photo Alumni and Career Launcher winner Farihah Aliyah Shah  on her upcoming exhibition at Artscape Youngplace.  Career Launcher Awards are run through OCAD U’s Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers, with calls for applications open to 4th year students in a variety of program areas.

Farihah Shah is a 27 year old emerging photographer and visual artist originally from Edmonton, Alberta now based out of Bradford, Ontario.  She has a Bachelor’s in Human Resources Management from York University and a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Photography with a minor in Integrated Media from OCAD University in Toronto, Ontario.

Farihah’s practice includes an array of conceptual, street, and studio photography, time-based film work,multi-media installations and performance based works that explore issues of racial identity, constructed and natural landscapes, personal and collective memory, and the ebb and flow of people in private and public spaces.  Her work has been displayed in galleries in Finland, Germany and Canada.

Miles Collyer – Rumble

Congratulations to OCAD U Photo Alumni Miles Collyer on his upcoming exhibition with Leigh Bridges at Paul Petro Contemporary Art!

September 9 – October 8, 2016
Opening Reception, Friday September 9, 7-10pm. Artists present.

Miles Collyer Rumble Seven 2016 inkjet print, edition of three 16 ¼ x 10 ¼ inches

Miles Collyer, Rumble Seven 2016 inkjet print, 16 ¼” x 10 ¼ “

The photographic series Rumble is a document of civilian deconstruction, wreckage artefacts, scarred and stirred urban landscapes. The work follows Collyer’s recent solo exhibition at YYZ Artists’ Outlet, how do you surrender to a drone?; an installation of interrelated artworks that included painted metal sculptures, experimental photo–based forms and large photographic murals adhered directly to the gallery walls.

In Rumble, Collyer draws parallels between isolated surface details found in local demolition zones to the static aftermath of warfare and aerial bombardment depicted in satellite and drone photography. He associates the qualities of his captured images to those observed in the media, intending for his photography to act as a proxy in a study of ballistic targeting and depopulated territory. These are landscapes which, possibly only moments prior, experienced the piercing of their condition or some related violation. A connection to a referenced circumstance is drawn through an aesthetic condition shared between surfaces.


Miles Collyer (b. Toronto, 1983) is a visual artist who works with images and sculpture to challenge the traditional boundaries of photographic practice and aesthetics. His work commonly examines socio-political matters and references visual sources located in the media. Most recently he explores specific materials, forms and surfaces and their potential to resonate the condition of contemporary conflict in the absence of an explicit narrative or subject.

Collyer’s work has been published and exhibited across Canada. Selected group exhibitions include the Art Gallery of Western Australia (Perth); Australian Centre for Photography (Sydney); Open Space (Victoria, BC); and The Power Plant (Toronto, ON). His photographic mural was included in the exhibition Showroom at the University of Toronto Art Museum (2016). Collyer currently serves on the Board of Directors of Mercer Union, a centre for contemporary art, and is the Career Development Coordinator at OCAD University’s Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers.

Canadian artist Leigh Bridges lives and works in Winnipeg and holds a Master’s degree in Fine Art from the University of Victoria. Bridges was based in Berlin from 2005 to 2007. While in Germany, her exploration of collage vis a vis painting developed in dialogue with the “Leipzig School”, with a particular emphasis on aspects of the sublime in landscape depictions. Bridges’ most recent work both expands and complicates these established directions, intersecting modernist forms, schema for do-it-yourself sustainable technology, and landscape.

Additional information about Leigh’s practice and work on display




Career Launcher 2016


Career Launcher Exhibition: Allison Morris


Please join us in celebrating the new artwork of 2015 Photography Alumni Allison Morris.  This exhibition is part of the 2015 Artscape Youngplace Career Launcher award – a collaboration between OCAD U’s Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers and Artscape Youngplace.

IMPERSONATIONS is an exploration of the ways that social media allows us to reveal and curate our best selves. Allison performs as a variety of different characters who are only revealed by their material and aesthetic choices, without revealing a face or ‘true’ self. This allows the viewer to acknowledge their own vulnerability to succumbing to these false identities, as they are given the space to create their own narrative and fill in the blanks of each character.

Bio: Allison Morris is a fine art photographer living and working in the Greater Toronto Area. She has exhibited in Toronto, Ontario and Florence, Italy. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at OCAD University, and spent her third year of study abroad as part of OCAD U’s Off-Campus Florence program in Italy.

Allison’s artistic practice explores themes of female representation, the construction of femininity, beauty, youth, identity,and performance from a feminist perspective. She uses self-portraiture as a tool with which she can control her images and challenge the idea of the male gaze by consciously performing for the camera and herself.

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